The Seventh Installment of Layton Will Come to Android, in Addition to Nintendo 3DS

The Professor Layton series is one of the most characteristic of Level 5, the company orioginaria of this charismatic character who just received his seventh delivery. Its cast of puzzles and innocent humor have done quite recognized, enough so that it runs out to announce the aforementioned seventh delivery.

However, this installment will change significantly as development is concerned. In the first place because already will not be called Professor Layton, but is simply called Layton 7, and for the moment leave aside the famed Professor to give way to a series of different characters, reason that exlicaremos later.

The second reason is that he is going to release jointly in the portable Nintendo and on mobile devices, which include Android and iOS, i.e. a joint exit. This can get radically changing the game, that it’s not a puzzle in an adventure game, but it is a puzzle competition.

He plays a character and have to compete against other players to get more points. Still has not been confirmed or the date or the price of the app for Android, and less if you will arrive to the West, which is pretty unlikely be achieved.

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