Square Enix Confirms Final Fantasy Agito for Android

Square Enix is bringing particular juice to its best-known series, Square Enix, either in the form of remakes of their old glories or with new games that use the old characters. If you’re still doing this it is that it is really working him bet on mobile phones, despite giving a user experience that leaves much to be desired in many cases.

However, the movement that made has puzzled a good part of the fans of the saga. It’s the game Final Fantasy Agito, that after many confusions regarding whether the game follows live or not, they have confirmed that the game is going to allocate to mobile devices, including the terminals with Android.

The game will be placed in the world of Final fantasy Type-0, a game of Play Station Portable that was only released in Japan. Among its features we have the ability to edit our character within certain parameters and a history not linear. Is expected the game to reach Japan in Winter, without realize if you arrive outside Japanese borders.

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