Google Launches a Range of Games Indie Discounts from 50%

From time to time to Google him turns a light bulb and decides to promote sales on Google Play he decides to make a series of offers, being games which gives more results. And today is one of those days where the aforementioned deals come to light for the enjoyment of everyone who gets done with them in time.

However it is very likely that you have not seen the pack, because it is not visible, at least since the Spanish Play Store. Even so, offers are still valid for all the mudno, because the price is the same for all consumers. This offer is subject with games called indie, some have already come out in the Humble Bundles.

The games are on this list and all have a discount of at least 50% off the original price

  • Gear Jack (€0.74)
  • SpaceChem Mobile (€2.24)
  • Jack Lumber (€1.49)
  • Containment The Zombie Puzzler (€0.74)
  • Superbrothers-Sword & Sworcery (€1.49)
  • The Walking Dead: Assault (€1.11)
  • Combo Crew (€0.89)
  • The Room (€0.79)

This promotion does not have an end date, so better that for yourselves with the games that interest you as soon as possible to save you some money. That or wait for other promotion like this.

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