Yoga 10 Tablet Is Intermediary with Innovative Design

Cylindrical base allows tablet is placed standing on tables without covers.

Legend has it that the meaning of the term “egg of Columbus”, used to denote a seemingly difficult problem, but easy resolution, dating back to the Navigator Christopher Columbus. He would have challenged a group of people putting an egg stand. After all failed, he broke a small part of the base of the egg and then put him on his feet.

Tests of the Xperia Z2 , X-Pro DL , G Pad and other tablets

No one knows for sure if the story is true. But, with the Yoga Tablet, Lenovo can boast of having created the “Tablet of Columbus”. Unlike all his rivals, the Yoga 10 Tablet stands without covers or other accessories. The cylindrical base that makes this possible is the large output gap, which is reasonable. Check out the test.

In favour:

-Versatile and innovative Design;
-Battery with good duration;
Good cost/benefit ratio.


-Fabric has low resolution for your size;
-Software looks old-fashioned and translation failures.


The great advantage of Yoga Tablet in relation to its competitors is without a doubt the design. In one of the sides, the unit has a metal cylinder that encompasses different functions. For starters, the cylinder houses a 9,000 mAh battery, higher capacity than found in other tablets. In addition, there are two speakers, very useful for watching movies.

The cylinder also serves as a base of support for the tablet, allowing support unit on the table in two different ways. In the first form, the tablet is supported on the table like a picture frame. Is the ideal mode for watching movies.

The second mode allows the tablet to be supported horizontally, but with support that makes him biased. Is a practical way to write texts in the tablet, as it facilitates the palmrest.

Other tablets with the default format require covers sold the part (and often with salty price) to be supported on tables. In addition to all this, the cylinder on the side still serves as good support to hold the tablet with one hand.

The design of the Tablet is no doubt a great balcony of Lenovo and shows an interesting development in the old rectangular shape of the tablets. There is only one negative point, the weight. The cylinder adds a few ounces to the product and the weight of more than 600 grams is superior to those of its competitors, who are in the House of 450 grams. However, like 10-inch tablets are often used with some support (neck, leg or table), the weight difference may not be relevant in most occasions.


The visual of the Yoga 10 Tablet certainly passes the feel of a high-end product. But the configuration of the appliance is only intermediate. On the one hand, this is good because it helps in the price. On the other, may disappoint some who get carried away only by visual.

The Lenovo tablet has MediaTek processor 1.2 GHz quad core and 1 GB of RAM, a combination. In benchmarks run by the iG , the unit had similar numbers to the Galaxy S3 (mobile phone released by Samsung for two years) and below the Bike G, intermediate smartphone released by Motorola last year. Were 14,700 points in AnTuTu, 8,280 in Quadrant, 1,439 in Vellamo HTML5, 578 in Metal and 1,160 points in Vellamo Vellamo Multicore.

Yoga 10 Tablet may not be the champion in the benchmarks, but in common usage the given configuration. The iG has tested the unit with some heavy games such as Dead Trigger 2, Iron Man 3, Lawless and Thor: the dark world.

They all ran well. There was some slight gagging in situations with many objects on the screen, mainly in the game Thor, but nothing that really get in the way of the games.

Another interesting differential provided by cylindrical base is the pair of front speakers with Dolby technology. The iG has tested this feature with some movies and music files. The audio front has good volume and clarity, ideal for watching movies and demonstrate corporate videos in meeting rooms.

The Lenovo tablet still has 16 GB of memory (12 GB free) and card, which allows you to easily expand storage.


Here is a weak point of Yoga Tablet 10. The 10.1-inch screen of the device has HD resolution (1,280 x 800), too low for your size, and pixel density of 160 DPI. For comparison, more sophisticated tablets with similar-sized screens usually have screens with Full HD resolution and densities of 250 DPI or more.

The practical result of the low resolution of the screen is visible on giant icons and texts slightly blurry in some apps. The problem of low resolution is not a factor to get completely the attraction of the tablet. It is also true that, when using a lower quality screen, Lenovo has reduced the cost of the tablet.

In the United States the company sells Yoga Tablet 10 HD +, Full HD screen, but this version is not sold in Brazil. So, who to buy Yoga 10 Tablet excited by the sophisticated design might be disappointed when you turn on the screen, which also does not have a very strong luster.

System and applications


Yoga applications screen Tablet 10

Yoga Tablet 10 tested by iG came out of the box with Android 4.2, but has been updated to version KitKat (4.4.2) as soon as you have connected to the internet. Lenovo has changed many aspects of Android “pure”, and the result is uneven.

On the one hand, there are a few discrete changes, but very useful, as the remaining battery time information soon on the notifications. Another good example is a setting that lets you connect and disconnect the tablet at scheduled times, which helps to save the battery.

The visual aspect, however, leaves something to be desired. Rounded icons, with relief and a bit childish style give the interface a antique look. This is evident especially when compared with interfaces with most modern design conventions, such as iOS, 7 new Android L (to be released soon) and the interface used by LG in the G3. This, however, is a question that may not bother most users. In addition, the Android is easy to change the look of the system through applications.

Some minor translation errors can disturb the most demanding users. You can find the term screen (using in Portugal) in some options.

Worse, in the window that shows downloading apps, the word “left” which can be translated as “left”, was erroneously translated as “left” (also left, in English). Thus, by laying down some app, see messages like “10 minutes”. Regrettable.


This is another Yoga Tablet 10:00 pm differential against the competition. In addition to serving as a support, the cylindrical base unit has a 9,000 mAh battery with a higher capacity than the 6,000 mAh batteries to tablet with similar screens.

In intensive testing performed by the iG the battery was good, but not exceptional. Running a video in full screen with Wi-Fi turned on and maximum brightness it lasted 8 hours, more than 7 hours of Xperia Z2, but less than 10 hours of iPad Air. However, the test of “real life”, with moderate use of games, videos and apps throughout the day, it lasted 3 days, excellent value.


In a market flooded by 7-inch tablets, who wants a larger device without spending a lot of money has few alternatives. In this context, the Yoga 10 Tablet is an interesting option, by combining versatile design and long battery life at a more affordable price.

With average price of R $1,200, Yoga 10 Tablet not competes with more sophisticated tablets like the Xperia Z2, iPad and Galaxy Tab s. its biggest direct competitor is the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1, with same screen size and similar configuration. The Samsung tablet can be found for about R $950 but does not have the distinctive design of the Tablet.

In this way, the Yoga 10 Tablet is an interesting option for those who want a versatile tablet and good battery and does not require the best screen or the best software on the market. But, if you don’t mind having a smaller screen, the same R $1,200 can be used to buy a tablet a little smaller, but with more robust configuration.


Lenovo Yoga 10 Tablet

Average price: R $1,200
Configuration: 10.1 inch screen with 1,280 x 800 resolution and density of 160 DPI, MediaTek processor 1.2 GHz quad-core, 1 GB RAM, 16 GB of storage (12.5 GB free + memory card), Android KitKat 4.4, 9,000 mAh battery, 5 MP rear camera and front of 1.6 MP, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi b/g/n.
Dimensions (cm): 26 x 18 x 0.5
Weight (g): 605

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