Wedding Dress of the Week: Khaleesi by Hayley Paige

I admit it-I’m a say-yes-to-the-dress junkie. The American Reality documentary series about the field, the giant Brautkleidshop in New York with the craziest people and (almost) all the wedding dresses in the world, exerts a magical attraction on me. Although I have been banned from my husband in the last few years (I have had a bad time on a Sunday–I can’t do anything about it, I accidentally came to Randy to the rescue!) my sister and I had a look back in yesterday. The beauty of the series: you get a very good impression of what is happening on the American wedding dresses garment market. And there’s a name that’s always a highlight for me: Lazaro. His designs are worth a double look to me every time. Our wedding dress of the week from him can be found in Weddinginfashion. Lazaro is the “flagship” of Brautkleidriesen JLM Couture, which has several successful Brautdesigner_innen under contract. Hayley Paige is the youngest of them and I find their designs most exciting.

The highlight of your current autumn collection is for me Khaleesi, style 6362. The name is in any case program: As I have just learned, the Khaleesi is the Queen in the successful American fantasy television series Game of Thrones (real fans can certainly explain this much better–I already have the knowledge of where the name Comes about…). Royal is the bridal gown in any case. The bolero of white and Alabasterfarbenen bling is sold separately and removable. For me, however, there is the clear question: Why should woman take off these magnificent jewelry? Have fun with Khaleesi and have a nice Monday

Dress and photos: Hayley Paige//JLM Couture

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