Watchband Part: Rubber

In recent years, the big favorite bracelets both in sports and perhaps a bit more unexpected even in kostymsegmentet is the rubber band. A material that not only give comfort and durability, but also an interesting style contrast.

The first Bell in the rubber bands was of course highly performance-orientated instruments and almost exclusively used on watches for water sports and diving. Usually the model is known as the Tropic; a classic model with characteristic flätmönstrand topside, våfflad and air holes. As a customer of, for example, a Submariner, it was usually to choose to get the clock on the iconic Oysterlänken (which we shall return to in a future part) or if you would prefer on a perforated Tropic band.

Another iconic model is Isofrane, the kind of band who become immortal through the sat on Omega’s line of professional locking system and high visibility from the seventies – not least the impressive PloProf with its hearty 24 mm band, among others, offered the band profile with large, square holes that recently started to be produced again (to the relief of all enthusiasts and collectors as with horror seen prices soar in the 1970s originals …).

The third classic sport model of the rubber bands are the wavy like Seiko and Citizen become known (even if, for example, can get a similar to their Panerai), in respect to the typical and right hard and plastic rubber–the wavy band. The design, which allows the band to spring a little sideways, solves one of the big problems when diving; to suit varying in size depending on the depth, then the water pressure makes the pressed together allowing the Bell cage over failure. With a wavy band, the solution is simple – they range simply the band fairly tightly at the surface and as it falls, it will dragspelslika vågningen to make the watch sit tight even when the suit is becoming thinner.

Rubber had probably been a thing only for sports and watches were it not for Carlo Crocco, who founded Hublot and at the Basel fair 1980 presented the world’s first wristwatch in natural rubber on a luxurious and seglings inspirerad clock via Rrrjewelry. Now rubber bracelets are a matter of course when luxury port segment, and the entire Trinity uses the material of its sportiest watches (Patek Philippe Aquanaut, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore and Vacheron Constantin Overseas) as well as many others. A sign of how established and accepted the material become RubberB is the company that manufactures rubber bracelets specifically for Rolex models and which can be found at authorized dealers.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver

Hublot Classic Fusion

Omega Seamaster PloProf

Panerai PAM307

Vacheron Constantin Overseas

Patek Philippe Aquanaut in rose gold

Patek Philippe Aquanaut

Rolex Deepsea with RubberB band

Rolex Submariner on Tropic band

Seiko SKX007

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