Watch the World’s 25 Classics Hublot Big Bang

A clear majority of the classics in this series come from companies with more than one hundred years of experience. Few of the big players in the industry are just as young as the company seriously introduced okonventiella material mixtures; Hublot.

The concept of Hublot came into being in the late seventies. In the wake of the recently deceased Gerald Calina success with the oxymorona luxury steel bells Nautilus and Royal Oak decided Carlo Crocco from Milan in 1976 to go his own way and try yet another startling contrast; luxury watches with rubber bands. The first Hublotklockan presented at the Basel fair 1980 left no one untouched. In addition to the first in the industry has been fitted with a thin strip of natural rubber, which took three years to develop, stood out like Royal Oak model and Nautilus with a guldboett shaped like a ship’s valve with 12 titanium screws that went held up the case. Hublot means ship valve in French.

Many regarded the creation as the right odd, not least big parts industry who thought this was pure nonsense and heresy. With 5000 sold watches first year was this also no instant success in the mass market. But with good traits using societetspersonligheter and the Royals got more aware of the brand. Among famous bearers who appreciated the unorthodox combination of materials and formality are Juan Carlos of Spain, Constantine of Greece, Prince Albert of the Principality of Monaco and King Carl XVI Gustaf, who appeared with his two-tone Hublot during tailcoat on a Nobel dinner. 1985 was sold all over 50 000 copies and development continued with the first automatic watch 1987 and later a line of chronographs.

In the nineties the brand decreased in popularity, except in Spain where it was still superfräckt with gold and rubber. Something had to happen and 2003 had Carlo Crocco a meeting with the man who would put Hublot at the map again; marketing genius Jean-Claude Side. Side, as the tretusenfaldigat value of Blancpain during the eighties and in the nineties, steered up Omega had really meant to end his professional career in the watch industry to instead devote themselves to produce their notorious alpost and count his money. The temptation to put teeth in yet another company, however, was too large and 2004 Before he was appointed as the new ceo of Hublot.

Jean-Claude Before

At the Basel Fair 2005, further mark their 25 years previous success and once again became the brand’s hot topic. Side saw the core of Hublot, valve design and the unusual but functional material mix, and formulated the brand’s “fusion” philosophy. In combination with an updated design and much knowledge of the market, this led to the Big Bang, 2000 century’s largest clock icon so far. The idea was aggressive; a technological watch in a variety of exotic materials like steel, gold and rubber, but also more unconventional materials such as tungsten, carbon fibre, kevlar and ceramic. With a doubled price for base models, and a generous size of 44 mm addressed Hublot against a young, athletic and affluent customer group. The success was once again a fact and 2008 was bought the company of luxury conglomerate LVMH.

The theme of the Hublot is easy – it’s the watches that is unabashed, different, funky and often startling. The brand offers watches, both in bright colors with gemstones and pastel-coloured crocodile-and rubber bands as models without colors (Big Bang All Black). In addition, there are a few hundred different Limited Editions where everyone from Diego Maradona to Morgan got their own editions. Among the actual skrytvarianter include One Million Euros and the sequel Two Million Euros, as both are made in gold and, of course, completely nerlusade with precious stones. As I said, not for the shy …

Big Bang series has been updated with an additional pair of variants that the magnified Bigger Bang and the monster King Power, released in a downright brutal dykarvariant, “Oceanographic.” A clock that struck the Rolex Deepsea to your fingers as the deep hard-wearing mechanical dykklockan and happily hanging with 4000 meters below the surface.

Big Bang All Black

King Power Formula 1


One Millon euros and Two Million Euros

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