Watch the World’s 25 Classics Calatrava

It is time to tie up the bag for this series. Finally, we will take up two real icons of costume and sports watches, which pretty much set the standard in its category. First up is the dressiga superklassikern; Calatrava.

Calatravaorden is an ancient Spanish chivalry, whose name is used by Patek Philippe as designation of the brand’s line of unadorned, classic kostymklockor in a couple of different designs. Calatravaordens symbol, the cross with lilies on the arms, is also used as the Swiss manufacturer’s logo. 1932 the first clock with Calatrava ref 96, a manual stylish watch while with subsekund on shy 31 mm. Look, heavily inspired by Bauhaus, has become almost synonymous not only with the brand and model, but for how kostymklockor in great looks; stripped down, round case, plate with rod dauphinevisare index and applied. The model is available, updated and enlarged, but with the same classic look, still in range as ref 5196.

The series diverge a bit–in addition to the classic version, there is also a different icon-Calatrava, namely the even more classy variation with pliggad (“hobnail”/Clous de Paris) and the combination of glasring uppsnäppta light plate with printed Roman index and needles in the black. The model (such as ref 5120) are thin, elegant and makes itself scarce good to classic kostymmode, preferably on a thin black reptilband. A third type of clock at Insidewatch that is located in Calatravalinjen is the so-called officer’s model, based on the watches that will be assigned to officers during the first world war. Model sälskiljer herself by the round case with their straight bandhorn, the little stubby Crown and not least the solid back with hinges that protects glasses back, as on ref 5153. Most modern with Calatravaetiketten is the rounded variant with Crown protection who is sprung from the Calatravan but also a date display (example ref 5127).

The timeless Calatrava-clear metallic aesthetics and the sleek lines of the model, of course, have not been allowed to stay in this particular part of the range, but has been healthy not least of Complications and Grand Complications-lines containing more or less discrete dräparklockor-ur-Calatravans form, for example, has been lent to the for the year new 5216 (which offers, among other things, minutrepeater, tourbillon, perpetual calendar) and 5139 inspired by the even more filigrana sister model.

As most people know is Calatravalinjen perhaps the most significant and famous more dressy option from Patek Philippe, is far from the only one. When the sixties was like svängigast and the strict geometric circles and squares began to feel boring released Ellipse d’Or/Golden Ellipse, a superellipse according to the golden ratio with characteristic deep blue Board, and the range includes also the Art Deco-inspired Gondolo-line is available both with tonneauboett as a square variant (used as a base for the ultradiskreta tiodagarstourbillonen 5101).

Caltrava 96

3919 530 in steel from 1943

Calatrava by officersboett ref 5153

Calatrava-chronograph ref 533

Golden Ellipse

Ten day-torubillon REF. 5101



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