Vegetables that Are Good for Dogs

  • Did you know that broccoli and cabbage, lettuce can do very well to your best friend? Check out some vegetables that can be added to the diet.

How about increase your dog’s diet with vegetables? Colorful and irresistible, they rely on essential nutrients to supplement the daily diet canine. Cabbage, broccoli, carrots, among other kinds are sources of nutrients and can provide different types of benefits.

Broccoli: they have the function of assisting in the control of blood pressure, being very beneficial to dogs that are in older age, obese or has a predisposition and this type of problem. In addition, the vegetable has little calorie and helps in maintaining weight. It should be offered in moderation, so that the fibres do not release the intestine of the dog. Among some benefits, can be cited the wealth in fiber. The broccoli must be served cooked and mixed in her food.

Cabbage: this vegetable presents a lot of wealth in iron, calcium and beta carotene, which once processed by the body turns into vitamin A. The cabbage is ideal for dogs who need to lose weight via PetwithSupplies. The vegetable must be served to the dog sparingly, because excess can lead to flatulence. Cabbage protects the dog’s bones and prevents problems related to anemia. To serve the dog, the vegetable should be boiled to steam and with little water. Then, cut it into thin strips and mix with kibble.

Lettuce: ideal for dogs that have digestive problem. The lettuce doesn’t have much calorie and the fibers have the function of making a good housecleaning in the intestine and thus organizes the ideal operation. In addition, contain many nutrients capable of acting in the defense against free radicals and other types of more serious diseases such as cancer, for example. The lettuce should be served raw, chopped and mixed with dog food.

Carrots: full of vitamins A,C and K,and a lot of fiber. This vegetable must be served raw and cut into small pieces. But it could also be served cooked and mixed with the feed dog.

Beets: is a great ally to the dogs who are diabetics and due to the strong presence of the fibres, has the function of preventing the diseases of the digestive system and, in addition, has almost no calories. So, among some benefits can include the aid in the regulation of cholesterol and control blood sugar rate. The beets can be served boiled and cut into small pieces.

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