To a Sleep without Worry: Pajamas, Swaddle? What to Choose?

Pour your child’s sleep, prefer before all its comfort and safety:

Cozy pajamas

The most comfortable for your baby Pajamas are in fine cotton, sponge or shaved velvet. Prefer those who cover the feet (called also onesies or “sleep well”) in which your little one is safe from air currents. Finally, choose them with an opening on the buttocks. You can easily change the layer without undress him completely.

A sleep safely

Until the age of 18 months, do not put pillow, blanket or comforter in your baby, so you minimize the risk of suffocation and sudden infant death.


When the temperature is cooler, you can opt for a more (or gigoteuse) or a surpyjama. They hold warm your childsafely, without that it cannot be discovered. There are all kinds, you choose according to the seasons: with or without sleeves, in polar or quilted mesh for the winter, in cotton honeycomb for the summer.

Choose by zip closures, more practical than buttonholes, and pressure level rather than links to tie straps. So the bumpers will be easier to put on and remove.

You can leave the turbulette constantly in bed, open, it will be easier for your little sleeping, especially if he’s already asleep!

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