Tips for Making Composition of Paintings on the Wall

The paintings are decoration items that everyone has at home. Whether they are harboring a family portrait, a phrase or a work of art, these pieces bring life to any wall with its different combinations of colors and positions. Check out, in today’s post, how to make the correct composition of frames with simple tips!

How To Get A Composition Of Harmonic Frames?

Varied tastes appear even at the time of combining paintings on the wall. Some people prefer a more traditional composition, with few pieces manufactured in the same type of material. On the other hand, many people value a more daring, created with completely different parts and opposing themes.

Given these basic differences, what is the right way to compose? Whether you prefer traditional or something more unique, you can get an interesting result if you take proper care in the planning of the composition.

Set A Base Theme

Blend frames with different images is not a problem, but it is important to define a main theme before you create the composition. A good suggestion is to prioritize portraits in black and white and complement the set with some abstract paintings, for example, to maintain balance and avoid the visual pollution.

The choice of theme will also influence the type of frame and materials present in the comics. In this case, if you choose wood as main coating, avoid exaggerating the acrylic parts, and vice versa.

Make Composition Tests

Chosen the frames that will be part of the decor, it’s time to test different combinations on the wall. To facilitate the work, you can create templates in paper with the exact measurements of each frame and then secure them with tape to simulate combinations, the interior designer, Carla Amadori from Diycore Blog, created some compositions:

The papers are lighter and accelerate the fixing, avoiding too that you need to drill holes in the wall at different places before making a decision. Now, play with the templates and move away from the wall to show the whole composition. Didn’t like it? Change and change of place until you find the result that will suit you best.

Diversify The Sizes And Formats

Bet on frames with different sizes and shapes is a way to make the game more interesting. You can balance the composition with the differences of measures—a giant framework at the right end of the wall can be complemented by a dozen comics positioned on the left, for example.

For those who don’t dig this game deconstructed, it is possible to maintain a standard Gallery format, same with frames of different sizes and shapes. In this case, just keep the parts aligned and create one or more rows/columns.

Combine The Pictures With Other Elements

Use creativity to match other decorative elements with his paintings. To start, play with the proposal of full and empty and fill these spaces with mirrors, small hollow niches and shelves.

This solution is legal because, besides leaving the most beautiful wall, bring convenience to store books and various objects of the family. Other elements easy to match are the wall stickers following bestcraftblog, which can be found in various colors and prints.

Now is your time! Separate the materials to test your own composition of frames and stop to check out how to decorate white walls cheaply and creative.

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