The Light Division of Philips Goes Public

IPO Rinses Philips®-750 Million Euros Into The Coffers

The light Division of the lower laedischen Electronics Group of Philips has today on the stock exchange and has conquered according to 750 million euros. According to the company a total of 37.5 million shares at about € 20 should have been sold. The today’s 27.5.2016 Friday was the first day of trading on the stock exchange. The entire lighting Division of Philips is rated a total of EUR 3 billion.

Philips Is In The Middle Of The Conversion

The IPO is one of the reconstruction where Philips is. Already since September 2014, the group is working to split the light business from the other business areas. Recently, the light Division achieved a turnover of seven billion euros. The area of car lighting and the LED components should however not be transferred to the newly founded holding but are sold separately. On May 7, the Philips shareholders about the split at the annual general meeting to vote on May 7.

After 123 Years, One Wants To Separate From The Light

Philips wants future specialize in products of classical medicine technology for doctors and patients homes via It also wants to focus more on products for household, personal care and health. The light business is under very strong pressure on prices from the far East. For this reason you split from this Division of the group.

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