Smart Phone at a Low Price

Mega pixel camera and Series 60 features: Nokia’s mid-range Smart phone 3230 promises much hi-tech and to favorable conditions. You will learn what is in the attractive package, in the test.

For 399 euros without a contract, Nokia will send the 3230 in the race. Not bad, but the 3230 is placing the market leader in this price range not the first Symbian Smart phone from The 3650 same target group should address two years ago, with funky plastic and habituation of Rotary keyboard. The result: a little successful Nokia standards unit.

When the 3230 Nokia has decided again for a rather simple design with classic tip box. Were brought the features up to date and integrated tools such as push-to-talk and ‘Visual Radio’. So is the new popular smart phone the 3230? We reveal to you on the following pages, as it suggests in the test against the competition.

Multimedia And Telephone: Lean Mono

Nokia the mega pixel camera integrated into the Java game “Agent V” If the 3230, makes the phone via “Push-to-Talk” to the Walkie-Talkie and supplied music via FM radio and MP3 player. Multimedia tired – but show also deficits.
MP3s and Visual Radio
Despite supplied stereo headset you can listen your favorite MP3s in Mono only. The sound quality is moderate, but still better than directly from the handsfree. Who listens to music and want to use other features must also live with occasional interruptions. We know the problem of the 7610, cause is probably low processor output.

Ready for the future: such as the Nokia 7710 or 6680 newbies ‘Visual Radio’ offers the 3230. The application displays at the radio, listen to, for example, additional information about the just sent song on the display or perform the stations as interactive quizzes. However, no transmitter supports the GPRS service in Germany so far. By mid-2005, Nokia expects first VR offers. Only then we can assess what’s good – our rating isn’t up yet. The same applies for…

Groups can use push-to-talk (PTT), the mix of Walkie-Talkie and instant messaging, to define, their members by simply pressing a button you can send voice messages vià GPRS. They can respond directly. Voice chat is still in its infancy, it is offered only by T-Mobile.

Camera and memory
The mega pixel camera of the 3230 shooting photos with 1,280 x 960 pixels. Nokia has refused on a selection of smaller formats. Otherwise, there are additional options such as image quality and night mode. The photos are so-so, it could do with more sharpness. The camera shoots video small (176 x 144 pixels), is also playing “Agent V” to control, if you are looking for viruses and harmless. You can navigate by moving the whole 3230.

To the device well 5 megabytes (MByte) memory, Nokia bought yet a 32-MByte memory card (RS-MMC). For starters, that’s it. But who wants to listen to music or audio books with the 3230, not get around to buying a larger map.

Phone features
Here offers a comfortable offer US suitable for 3230. Profiles, group functions, handsfree, voice dialing, voice – on these points is not available after’s competitors.Nokia waives the external antenna connection remains.

PDA Functionality: Unconvincing

From a Smartphone, we expect quite a bit, especially with the PDA functions.However, when the 3230, Nokia has waived a few useful things.

PDA functions
Annoying: Who wants to reconcile the 3230 with Outlook must download only Web page the program from Nokia’s.This is free, but to create a software CD in the package now truly not a big cost – would also more comfortable. A data cable is missing. For this, Nokia requires approximately 45 euros.

Finally, if the software is installed, on the notebook synchronization with the XP system via infrared or Bluetooth works fine. However it takes loose 17, 18 minutes are transferred to good 1,000 contacts. Calendar, task list and notes you can also match emails not.

Nothing can start the 3230 home with Office documents such as Word or Excel files.And who wants to use the model as a voice recorder, to deal with one minute memos. Otherwise, there is a currency converter and the wallet function, with which you protected can store passwords or credit card information.

Message and data functionality
The great photos send for the 3230 via MMS as a compressed version is – up to 100 kilobytes are possible. For this it works out one email to one and flawless. Also MP3s fit in the annexes. For direct transfer to other compatible devices, there is Bluetooth and infrared.

The Web browser was also easy to use. Problematic was the use of the 3230 as a modem. Here, we needed some startups until a connection to the Internet was on the test notebook. In addition, the circuit-switched data transmission via HSCSD must forego Vodafone and E-Plus customers. The 3230 is only GPRS available.

Practice: Not Cheap

At first glance, the 3230 looks like a too large part Sony Ericsson T610. It weighs in at a size of 109 x 49 x 19 mm acceptable 115 grams, it lies well in the hand and is by no means cheap feel.

To learned: the sister models 3650 and 3660 stuck in an inferior plastic. During the latest cast of its 3-series, the Finns placed significantly more emphasis on the material. The 3230 looks elegant, the processing is good.

Display and battery
The 3230 display shows the series 60 standard: 176 x 208 pixels, 35 x 41 mm. This is not top for a PDA phone for photo viewing and small videos but loose enough. Especially since the display acts bright and contrasty. The talk time is mixed with appropriate 2:45 hours at maximum power. Nokia is paltry 150 hours for standby time.

Nokia tried repeatedly in bizarre keyboards, while not everything succeeds the developers. Just think of the dial of the 3650. The 3230 was elected a conservative layout. Actually not a bad decision. In the test’s as yet only to a “satisfactory”. The 3230 keyboard is small, the typing of texts using the small keypad is cumbersome. The shaky special – and control buttons require the user flair. Hard-to-reach: the mini buttons built-in below the display, especially the “c”-button, invite to blunders.

3230-operation follows the series-60-logic. The menu looks somewhat cluttered.Experienced users can quickly create order by letting little used features just disappear in subfolders. And to shorten navigation paths, you can control some straight two applications of your choice from stand by mode. Who far right came up with a series 60 model, should have no problems with the 3230.

However, the software of our 3230 worked slightly sluggish, calling functions not always quickly flipped. So, it took well 30 seconds of powering up to the ready.

In the acoustic test, a passable performance delivered the 3230. It sounded but somewhat dull, but the clarity was never at risk. Only of fixed network partners was put to a severe test when the mess. The many dropouts on this side of the line made it no fun. The built-in handsfree is good as a speaker to make calls more than listening to music.

Conclusion: An Elegant Appearance In The Middle Class

The 3230 has no outstanding features, but plenty mobile phone for the money.To keep the price down, had to be saved also.

Apart from the shaky control keys, the processing of the elegant-looking Nokia 3230 liked us.

Also the Facilities cheap Smartphone which makes here. Photos, music language functions, appointment management, email, Bluetooth and expandable memory – the 3230 has good standard of Series 60. As extras, there’s a push-to-talk and the new radio application ‘Visual Radio’.

For the suggested price of 399 euros, the series 60 smartphone delivers a good idea overall. That’s not it for a top spot. Some reasons: The music player plays only Mono, the Keyboard is too small. The scope of supply also shows gaps: data cable and theSynchronization with Outlook required PC software is missing.

For only 10 euros more, so for 409 euros without a contract, Nokia has already be 6670 on. Here is not only a data cable in the package, but also a larger memory card.

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