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The N76 is a flat phone in clamshell design. Powerful phone features and several multimedia gimmicks conceal the reflective cover. We have tested what it has Nokia’s sophisticated smart phones.

Either black or red, shiny with much chrome and a flat keyboard: Quite noble comes the highlighted Nokia N76. Admitted: the design reminds a little of Motorola’s RAZR Evergreen. Advanced phone features and a goodly portion of multimedia plug behind the flap.Less well to get the Office applications. No programs to open Office documents can be found except a PDF reader.

In our test, the N76 had to prove that it can shine not only from the outside, but also with inner values. We will tell you where the Smartphone was able to convince and where it had to ruffle feathers in the test.

Equipment: Light Smartphone

The N76 cause not only multimedia friends at their expense. Thanks to the good browser and the thoughtful news features is the Smartphone for the business.

Phone functions
The N76 supports four GSM frequencies (quad) and offers unlimited phone book entries with over 40 parameters per contact place. With your voice, you can choose not only telephone numbers but also functions such as camera, recorder or Bluetooth. Who must manage many contacts, can enjoy contact groups. You can assign custom ringtones to each group. Video calls can be thanks to UMTS and VGA front-facing camera.

With six preset, but changing and up to 20 even definable environment profiles, you can set your Smartphone to virtually any environment situation. With the built-in voice recorder, telephone calls can be cut with. Who puts much emphasis on written messages, receives nearly the full Pack with the N76: SMS, MMS, email, instant messaging and chat are possible. A Central Inbox for all formats brings together the message traffic, the structured storage helps you manage – great, just push mail is missing.

Data functions
The N76 devices slightly behind other N-series back remains in the area of data transmission. In addition to USB 2.0 and Bluetooth 2.0, no other possibilities for data transmission such as infrared or wireless can be found.Via UMTS you can surf with your mobile phone on the Internet afloat. In the test that worked very well and comfortable thanks to the good browser. Is no 3 g network available, you can at least undertake excursions in the World Wide Web with GPRS or EDGE.

Nokia sets a memory card (256 MB) the N76 with the package. So 278 MB for your own content available is available together with the internal memory of 30 MB. To connect the N76 via USB with the computer, you will need any driver. The Smart phone has a mini-USB interface and brings the necessary cable. A 3 MB large test file ended up via USB after 4 seconds on the N76. An entire album (MP3 12 tracks) needed well one minute.

PDA And Multimedia: Threesome Data Matching

Data such as contacts, notes, and tasks are with the N76 quickly with the computer match.

PDA functions
The N73 not with Smart phone place deer such as the E61i and the MDA Vario II can compete in terms of PDA functions.This lacks the ability to edit Office documents, or at least to consider. From the factory the N76 brings namely not the necessary software, apart from the PDF reader. Contacts, notes, appointments, and tasks can be very simply and quickly matched with the computer. In the test need we to match of 1,000 contacts via USB just over a minute. Via Bluetooth, just two and a half minutes in the country – went a good time.

Nokia uses the current standard for camera phones in the photographic equipment: 2 mega pixel camera, LED illuminator and various scene modes, freely and ISO settings. Cut is in landscape mode, either with open flap and the main display as a viewfinder, or with flip closed and the external display as target aid. Closed, you can quickly activate the camera over the side release button. Recorded with the N76 photos can look though, but they lack the last ounce of naturalness of the color and sharpness (see Photo Gallery). You can record videos in QVGA (320 x 240 pixels) format, until the memory is full.

The music player of the N73 is already known from other N-series devices. He offers everything you may expect from a music phone currently: individual sound control via equalizer or presets as well as ID3-tag-filter and buttons on front and side for the most important functions of the player. There is also a stereo headset with cable remote control, which was positively a good fit of the earphones in the test included.Who wants to, can connect your own headphones thanks to the 3.5 mm big Jack on the unit. There is also an FM radio without RDS function. You can download without registration from the Internet regional channel lists.

Practice: Weak Dirt Magnet

No question, the N76 looks spiffy. The polished surfaces including the keyboard but also very prone to dirt and quickly grubby look.

Display / key data
For a Smartphone, the N76 has almost model dimensions: its 106 x 52 x 14 mm 112 grams weight can be easily stowed in your pocket. A nuisance, however, is conspicuously short battery life of the N76.Nokia already holds back when specifying the maximum call duration. Just over three hours in the UMTS operating the Finns specify in the GSM mode and two hours. Our test resulted in a value of two hours and six minutes at full GSM transmitter power, which is clearly below the average.

The displays of the N76 are on the amount of time. Both the indoor display (240 x 320 pixels, 36 x 49 mm) as also the external display (160 x 128 pixels, 27 x 21 mm) provide images and information clearly and legibly dar. The external screen is hiding behind a reflecting surface, which although chic looks, but shows clear any pollution, than the user.

Handling / acoustics
The processing of the N76 with the tester left a positive impression. The folding mechanism is not a game, nothing jiggles or is sharp. The flat keyboard made of polished metal might have slightly more noticeable pressure points.And here comes the dirt factor clearly to the fore. After a select operation, the keypad looks blotchy.

The same applies to the chrome-plated ornaments of the N76. The menu navigation is clearly structured and easy to understand. Seven assignable buttons plus four more on the multimedia button ensure much freedom in setting up the phone. Whoever wants to can create a your own menu structure or to assign functions.

The acoustic test, the somewhat nasal sound bothered us both landline and cell phone. The built-in handsfree sounds quite quietly, and therefore only conditionally suitable for communication in noisier environments.

Conclusion: Better Razr

The N76 is a Smartphone, where the manufacturer has paid particular attention to hip design and sleek lines. Who took a liking to the RAZR, but expected more features to its mobile should be reviewing the N76.

The N76 is a good phone with mature Phone functions, offers extensive possibilities for text messages and can be by a own menu designand individualize eleven customizable buttons very well. In the area Data functions the most important interfaces on board, although are you sacrificing infrared and wireless but.

Less well the annoying susceptibility to dirt and that have us very short battery life fallen. Who don’t want keep ready a lobules wienern his cell phone, keeps an unsightly smeared device in your hands quickly. With an endurance of just over two hours, you should always have your charger as owner of the N76. To get the phone, currently from 430 euros without contract in the price comparison.

You want as much business power and still a sleek device? See that Nokia E61 on. The Office experts comes with a full keyboard, has lots of stamina, and is currently from €300 without contract. Or it should be a clamshell phone RAZR style in any case? Then check this out MOTORAZR V3xx Motorola’s. The slim HSDPA phone is easy to use, looks chic and currently costs 180 euros without contract (as of June 2007).

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