Scissors Marine Sports to Braid Multifilament Line Cutter

Now let’s make a comparison of items, the Clipper Marine Sports to Multifilament line cutter and Marine Sports.

Scissors Ms08-00178

Let’s start by analyzing the scissors, just her, and nothing else, on the back of the Pack have instructions.
When we opened the packaging, the scissors are made of Stainless Steel and the takers are slip-resistant plastic.

This pair of scissors is especially made for cutting Multifilament lines, who never ever try to cut them with normal scissors and just doing burrs and just giving up? well, this pair of scissors is specially for this function, since your cutting system is different.

The cutting system of this pair of scissors is made of small mountain ranges in the blade which causes these scissors cut several diameters of Multifilament and monofilament also.

The scissors is pretty comfortable and slip-resistant, have a good space for your fingers.

The scissors is amended by screws, if she starts to get loose, it’s much easier to align it than other conventional, with only 2 screwdrivers you can regulate it.

Here we can see a Diamond Sandpaper, which is used for sharpening fish hooks, which incidentally is very useful at the time of the fishery.

Size of the scissors in hand.

Another advantage of this pair of scissors is that you can use it for cutting soft baits such as meat or even for monofilament lines.

Manufacturer: Marine Sports

Origin: China

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Line Cutter Ms08-00295

On the back of the Pack have the instructions in English, will translate each of them to you in the analysis

This item comes more organized, comes with more features that I’ll show you.

This is a sheath, which comes with a steel retractable cord 20 lbs for fastening at the waist, like a measuring tape, when we pull the cutter engaged to clip out steel, when we let him go, the cable pulls the cutter automatically, into sheath, about 50 cm.

Locks to put on the belt

Let’s go to the cutter: He is very similar to the nail Clipper that we know, but it is wider and comes with other items.

“Stainless steel cutter with sharp blades of knife blades are smooth and to, but I felt it difficult to cut multifilament lines of lesser thickness, but felt too easily to cut monofilament lines and fluorocarbon of all thicknesses of 1.5 mm, so I recommend this item to monofilament lines and fluorocarbon.

“Big Space for your thumb. Easy to use even with gloves “Here we have a rubber in the handle to prevent the cutter from slipping, even if you wear gloves, and have anatomical shape with your hand.

And that’s the way that we use:

Here we see more items:

“Cutting knife from commit4fitness. Perfect for cutting small soft baits “A rough translation in the instructions. I like that knife for slicing sausages, breads, meats, fruits … anyway the bait we used mainly in round fishing and painted in fishing grounds.

“Chooser. cleans easily wigs of reels of pincho “this is the best translation for that item in the instructions of the verse, line sorter would be a desembolador, for wigs, but also like to use it to make steel cables by twist, that show you how to make soon.

One important thing I have to say about this mower is that over time, your PIN that makes the pressure between the blades ended up warping and finally broke, so this mower isn’t as good because of the resistance of the metal, so the failed, I don’t know if it was a manufacturing defect, but in my case I lost money with the cutter.

Result: Winner!

With the corador broken, and taking into account that these two items have the same price, the winner was the Clipper Marine Sports Braid Line Cutter, for your quality and your hook Sharpener, in addition to cutting all kinds of line unlike the cutter only cuts lines of mono. But the Clippers have other useful items, as the sheath, the knife and the desembolador, which also compensates for the purchase, although the PIN broke

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