Scarf for Men

Much more in tune with fashion, contemporary men are increasingly seeking to learn a little more about fashions, trends and, mainly, consume the greatest must-have of the seasons. And speaking of season, we’ve been an eye alive in major hits of the summer? No, the winter! You ask, we keep accessories in addition to beautiful, warm and well bundled up. One of them is the scarf, present in our short list “have to have” winter accessories.

And the scarves stand out in multiple types made for all tastes and styles. Found in various colors, sizes and textures. Pleasing to the most stylish men, stripped, moderninhos, alternative, etc.

The basic’classic and the class identify more discrete scarves, in dark tones. A tip is to give preference to use it with the same color as the shirt or coat. The tribe of modernosos who are not afraid to dare may opt for larger striped patterned scarves, chess, or other stamps and drawings. In addition to the scarves with details on the tips, and striking in colour colours vibrant.

The best and most appropriate way to use them, should take into account not only your personal style, but the occasion proposal. Relaxed productions or for work, for example, the use of scarves made in more casual fabrics, cotton or wool. Looks that require greater elegance combine with more sophisticated textures, more aligned with the scarves made of fine wool, the most suitable.

Versatile and practical, the scarves can be used in several ways. Played on the neck – letting the ends fall in front, in different lengths, with the ends back around the neck, crossing the two ends back and returning with them to the front, or even desencanadas, leaving the litter around the neck. With the tips, plays a back and one hand on the front.

Or the famous tie knot style. Where the scarf is folded in half, then wrapped around his neck and finally, the tips go through into the slot in the scarf. And don’t let him glued to the neck, the scarf right should be distributed free, over the clothes or inside a coat.

The scarves are Add-ons infinite key pieces and visuals. Go well with jeans, jackets, leather jackets, pullovers, blazers, suits, coats, cardigans, plaid pants, linen clothing, blouses, shirts taken off, clothes and many others. But before you go to buy your scarf, there are a few ground rules which it is important to be aware of.

Men of thin necks and long match with almost all types of scarf. Mainly the longer length, which allow larger around the neck. Already the of shorter-necks it is advisable to invest in scarves and smaller, in addition to looking around the scarf, leaving them slightly thrown over the body, with drooping tips.

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