Samsung Galaxy Note 6: Release Also in Europe

Samsung has a larger fan base in Germany and the whole of Europe than has previously been assumed when it comes to the Galaxy Note series. The current Galaxy Note 5 did not come to Europe despite all the hopes of the customers, which in many places caused bitter disappointments. Even today, Samsung is asked in the social media, for example, whether it will still bring to the market. The sobering answer: No, there is no release planned for the Galaxy Note 5 in Germany. However, the Samsung Galaxy Note 6, which will appear in summer, will also be available in Europe.

The British magazine TechRadar wants to have learned from a mobile phone company that there will be no plus version of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. We have already reported that the S7 series is likely to have only two models. The removal of the EdgePlus model would fit into a possible release of Galaxy Note 6 in Europe via themotorcyclers. In March 2016 the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are to celebrate their release.In August the Galaxy Note 6 will follow.

Samsung Shows Insight

Why did Galaxy Note 5 not come to Europe? In order to be able to sell the Galaxy S6 EdgePlus in our latitudes better, Note 5 should not be sold anywhere. The basic idea seems plausible. But Samsung apparently underestimated the large fan base of the note models in Germany and Europe. This little thought mistake is to be remedied this year by the Galaxy Note 6 also in Europe is published.

What Is The Samsung Galaxy Note 6?

As expected, Samsung did not want to comment TechRadar. It would also be a surprise, the company would ever have rumors about its new Phablets and smart phones to look at the cards.Therefore, it is also not surprising that Galaxy Note 6 is not known to any real details. Only a few rumors about technical features are circulating. However, some facts are not yet present. The existence of the note 6 we can however well and gladly regarded as given. After all, because the Samsung patent for the S Pen let discussions arise, whether the note series could be completely discontinued.

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