PokÉMon Go Plus Alternative

A resourceful developer has now released the first app, that keeps you informed on your Smart watch about Pokémon nearby. Thus there is now a real alternative to the Pokémon go PLUS bracelet for the Nintendo requires around 40 euros.

That Pokémon go PLUS bracelet will be available according to Nintendo until September 2016 and inform by vibration and LED lamp about Pokémon nearby. The bracelet via Bluetooth on iPhone or Android powered device is coupled. Android users can now already manage because the PokeDetector app makes the whole thing now possible via bracelet device, smart watch  (Android wear) and offers additional functions, that does not have the Nintendo bracelet.

Download: PokeDetector Smartwatch notifications

PokeDetector: these are the Smartphone features

In comparison to the Pokémon go PLUS bracelet that brings no own display, is the PokeDetector clear advantage. Here you see on the Android-watch notification by name and in the image which Pokémon just sneak around with you. The PLUS gadget can only vibrate and Flash. It is crucial to know whether only a very common Taubsi says hello or shows up, for example, a rare Magmar for experienced players. In a Fund, the app displays the exact whereabouts of the Pokemon on the map and you can to walk purposefully. Where is PokeDetector is basically free, you want to customize the sounds and vibration of notifications however and filter by individual Pokemon, is due to the premium version for 2.79 euro. When you have by the way no Smart watch, the PokeDetector simply sends you notifications on your Smart phone.

Pokemon catch, without having to open the game

One thing that has Pokémon go PLUS bracelet the Smart watch solution but yet ahead: how Nintendo has betrayed, you are can begin a Pokémon directly. To run the game must not then in the background, what could save lots of battery. This additional feature is very nice, because so many Pokémon are bagged on the road quickly, assuming you started at least a the same Pokemon. When is a new Pokémon, you have it according to Nintendo but in the Pokémon go app capture.

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