Original Printer Ink Is More Expensive Than Champagne

Uglaublich but true: original printer ink is significantly more expensive than the same amount of champagne from one of the best vintages. Customers make always a bad deal if you use original ink in your printer.

The Interesting Details Of The Price Comparison

That printing on an inkjet printer is expensive than necessary, lies partly in the firmware of the manufacturer. She often already then issues an empty cartridge warning, if it is not empty. So, valuable resources and money are given away. The overall costs fall sharply in the weight. As an example, ink is used by HP in 1985 compared with the variety of champagne Don Perignon vintage. With the milliliters of ink costs seven times price of what caused a milliliter of the noble drink costs.

What You Should Learn From It

It should be the conclusion, exploit really even the last drop of the original printer ink. And this is where you so long ignored the message about the empty printer cartridge until the quality of prints first restrictions. This strip in the expression are mostly. The corresponding cartridges should be replaced immediately after the first visible stripes.

But that is not possible everywhere. Epson , for example, when its cartridges used a chip, which provides for a stop at the print when the printer cartridge is recognized as empty. Epson specifies grounds, to prevent damage to the printer. Partly, that’s right, because the ink is also used for the cooling of the Epson print head. It is doubtful whether but really so many milliliters of ink in each cartridge must remain.

Tests of journals have shown that even with a blank reported cartridge up to 38 per cent can be achieved more prints in good quality. 17 percent were to reach a minimum of extra yield from a printer cartridge.

A consequence is that an investigation was carried out by authorities to ensure fairness in trade.As a result, a new industry standard is required. About him the range of printer cartridges to can be assessed according to uniform standards.

Compatible Inks As An Alternative

Tests of numerous journals and also Stiftung Warentest have many times confirmed it: the difference between good compatible ink like from peach and original ink the printer manufacturer is often barely detectable. While you can with compatible ink cartridges or Refill ink Save up to 90% of the cost of printing. Often, even much more ink are included than in the original printer cartridgesin compatible ink cartridges. Thus, saves you even more and have less to change the cartridges. A separate comparison and test good compatible brand ink is always worthwhile. You need also not afraid to guarantee of his printer. Actually a cartridge or ink for a defect on the printer be responsible brands such as peach for a repair or exchange of the printer will make sure at http://www.cellphoneexplorer.com/2016/how-to-choose-a-printer/. A real defect so far but virtually never occurred.

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