Olpc: the Ideal Outdoor Notebook?

OLPC stands for One Laptop Per Child, and it is a laptop designed primarily as child-friendly and versatile learning tool for the school (in particular in developing countries and emerging markets), or is (currently not yet available). The notebook is also often called a 100-dollar laptop, because the target selling price of US $100.

The laptop should be extremely robust, weather – and heat-resistant so comes a shockproof Flash memory as a disk used (instead of a conventional, vibration-sensitive hard drive). The main Board is stored in the case on shock absorbers made of soft rubber. The keyboard is waterproof, and the entire laptop is sealed when transporting to protect against rain.

Another feature which makes the ideal outdoor companion, the 100-dollar laptop is the extremely low power consumption (approx. 2.0 Watts). In addition, the possibilities of energy supply are extremely versatile: directly via a power plug, any power source with a voltage between 10 and 20 volts, replaceable battery of from a battery pack with four rechargeable batteries in a standard format AA consists, or via a can be connected to the computer (for example hand crank) Dynamo. With heavy use of the laptop, battery life is respectable 8-9 hours.

Of the line from the OLPC laptop is rather modest: 433 MHz AMD processor, 256 MB RAM, and 1 GB hard disk. But what you need even more in the great outdoors? Or will someone counter strike play in the wilderness?
Of course, it has the notebook also Wi-Fi at SmarterComputing.org, and even a built-in router, which allows a network of several OLPC laptops without additional hardware.

The series production is planned for the end of October 2007. We may be so excited about the first outdoor tests. Should the price be actually at 100 US dollars, and should you also buy the laptop, which is certainly the ideal solution also on the road to blogging 🙂
Otherwise, you could pull the ASUS Eee PC into account. This somewhat more powerful laptop is expected to come in November on the market, and will cost approximately $200 US in the basic version.

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