Nike Lebron X Prism

The Nike LeBron X Prism a comfortable sneaker by Nike is brand new on the market. He went right on 31 December 2012, not even 24 hours ago, at the start and is to have for $180 over the Nike online shops.

Why of this hype about a shoe? Who ever was in the United States, which is rather unusual for the German shoe market situation remember, that young and old, across State borders. Since the Americans sets value on convenient, easy and precise sneakers. You must be breathable. Weeks before many fans waiting for the introduction of a new model. Classic, still the corresponding white tennis socks are worn.

The Prism is one of the most expected versions of the Nike LeBron X, and was only released this week at the Nike headquarters in the United States. The LeBron “Prism” are the long-awaited addition to the basketball shoes from the same series of Nike. The new sneakers comes with a continuous “Diamond and Pearl” therefore design with geometric graphics on the Interior, together with matching fine detail on the midsole and tongue. The rest of the shoe comes in a black-and-grey colouring.

He is ultimately a perfect wrap-up of full light basketball designs of big brother LeBron X for the wearers of sneakers. Nike is not only a shoes or a Marke. Nike is a philosophy that would express the carrier with the Nike sign. Here at, the LeBron X was designed as a basketball shoes for one of the most dynamic and successful player in the American basketball. He gave this shoe its Namen. Hier power, high dynamics and great endurance in there. With the newly developed damping in low weight of the shoe, he gives latest stop, it ensures absolute comfort and control.

An unusual view from a fan
A non-profit presentation clip to the “Prism” from the Nike LeBron X Serieist on YouTube to find. Here a Sneakerfan presents in detail the new Nike. He shows the shoe from all sides and in great detail so that this small clip gives more impressions than an officially rotated promotional video from Nike.

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