Nails Acrigel: Step by Step

Gel Nails – As Do The Salon

What woman doesn’t like to have beautiful nails? I believe all but not always it is possible. Some activities simply end up with our fingernails and, sometimes, they are weak by nature and don’t grow enough or break easily. In the old days, the only way to reverse this situation was applying false nails, but nowadays there are a technique much better, more natural and it lasts longer, too, are the fingernails of acrigel.

See How It Is Done In The Salon:

Firstly it takes hygiene, then remove the cuticle. After this is done, you pick the model, always being faithful to the natural shape of the client’s nails. The natural nail is all screwed up to get the glow and the fat, after she undergoes a cleaning with alcohol, it is necessary to dry well to follow the process.

Now, the next step is to glue fingernail, care must be taken not to leave air bubbles under the nail. After the nail be glued, it is cut in the desired size, chipped to give the finish. After she goes through another cleaning and is sanded again to close the pores.

It’s time to pass the first layer of gel, called a primer or gel unifásico gel. Pass across the nail like a glaze, only a very generous layer. Clean the corners and take to dry in the cockpit for two minutes. Soon comes the second layer, now thinner, applying the straightener gel to give form on the surface of the nail via After drying, comes the third and final layer. Now is the time of the gel, apply sealant and allow to dry for four minutes in the booth. Clean with alcohol and is ready to receive the enamel.

Maintenance can be done every two weeks.

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