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Sony Ericsson has his P910i graduate over and the facilities greatly expanded.The brand new P990i provides all wireless channels on the Internet with UMTS and W-LAN and not too with multimedia offerings. We had a pre-production model in your hands.

The predecessor of P910i stands for over a year in the shops, mixes with but still in the top 10 of our Smart phone leaderboard. Now is the changing of the guard in sight: the refurbished P990i provides more features, especially communication tired. This works in him for the first time the new Symbian operating system with user interface “UIQ 3.0” and renovated menu structure.

But patience: only in the first quarter of 2006 the P990i supposed to have, a price is not fixed yet. Consolation prize: A Munich-based product show, we could already try out a prototype. Although some work face Sony Ericsson to market maturity, waiting for the P990i might still be worth it.

Much Communication, Fun, Good Smartphone

For the P990i Sony Ericsson uses clear mobile communication, but also don’t miss out Office functions. If you like music like can access on MP3 player or FM radio. Fürs photography there is a 2-megapixel camera.

That works the tri-band smart phone P990i also in the United States, should be almost goes without saying.New, however, is support the UMTS networks and thus the video telephony. Fürs fleet surfing the Internet can 802.11 b also in wireless (w) LANs with the standard book.

We have to wait however Fürs test the functionality of the data on the production model. The prototype worked with a first software, much not about ran or still not working at all. It came around, playing the often crashes. So, our legacy Internet access via W-LAN hotspots showed while, broke off in selection but each time.

It was surprising therefore that a pre-installed really fast and with good quality via the display of the prototype ran videos. Viewing worked both portrait and landscape mode. Also the 2-megapixel camera with auto focus broke tours quickly out. The results made a neat impression. As well the even twisted movies in quite large resolution (CIF: 352 x 288 pixels). The true quality will show the full test, if we can look at pictures on the computer.

We liked the music player with playlists and large well. You can edit by the way, for example appointments thanks to multitasking support. The songs heard good about the headset from Percomputer. Using the handsfree, the quality suffered while the louder we shot the player. But, as we have heard already worse.

According to Sony Ericsson, 80 megabytes (MB) of space for photos, movies, games, emails, memos, documents and more are available. A 64 MB memory stick duo PRO with inside the package. Supposedly, the P990i swallows up to 4 gigabytes in size Duo Pro cards. The Sony-Ericsson newbie doesn’t like the cheaper MMC or SD memory cards.

Open for more
The support E-Mail push services such as free, the data synchronization with Outlook, opening/editing of Office files, a USB Miniport for use of the P990i as external memory and Bluetooth support are some examples of the long List of equipment. For more information, the full test.

What we however lacked during the first check, is the selection environment profiles.Airplane mode, it’s done. Annoying for those who already have an ancestor: the new Symbian OS UIQ is not backwards compatible. Programs for the older versions do not run on the P990i.

Shut Up And…

At the P990i, Sony Ericsson continues to focus on the fold-out design. However noble packed than its predecessor and with newly positioned USB keyboard.The menu brings important new features.

Operation and display
Sony Ericsson adheres to the various single-and two-hand operation of the predecessor P910i. Mobile phone keypad on the door side built-in steering wheel, pen input, handwriting recognition, QWERTY keyboard-you will find here. However was made on the most controls.

First significant transformation: the Keymat is no longer on the back, but behind the flap just below the display. So, the user has the P990i when typing much better grip. Although this also the touch screen smaller fails, he offers still ample room for movies, documents or emails. An acceptable compromise provided also a clearer appearance than on the P910i-for us overall the higher resolution.

The keys of the prototype responded crisp, fairly accurately. Unfortunately the little keys heads for a comfortable operation are slightly too close together. The radiant blue lighting, however, convinced all along the line. The software in the previous series unit ran too slowly for optimal pin input via touch screen. Sony Ericsson should still file also on the side of the steering wheel.

Menu structure
The new operating system in the P990i brings a revised menu structure with it. It is visually clever at first check catchy than before and hardly reminiscent of the previous version.

So are like in many Sony-Ericsson phones arranged between which you quickly back and forth can change content of menus as a register (“tabs”). To a Task Manager allows direct access to important menus like also the main menu here. The corresponding toolbar you can find via a small icon bottom right in the display (see photo left).

Conclusion: Attractive Development

For a place under the Christmas tree’s time no longer reaches the P990i. But even if the production model in coming few months: we are impressed by the prototype.

The Feature list convinced of the P990i: Wi-Fi, UMTS, Bluetooth, push email feature, 2-megapixel camera, MP3 player are just a few examples. On top of that makes the update Symbian UIQ 3.0 for a new, more Menu structure.

Crafts also elsewhere: the new placed under the display has given us Full keyboard been better than the folding version of the P910i – also when the P990i version is still not optimally suited for longer tip work. The keyboard shrunk the space for the touch screen, a total display offers still enough space. The higher resolution provides also clearer images at the P990i. The series device, the software should work of course quickly and without crashes. The prototype works only on the back burner.

Who however has a predecessor and has fed him with many programs, can they not also on the P990i Insert.

For impatient users of professional worth the look in our Smartphone leaderboard. He stands here for a few weeks T-Mobile MDA Pro on the podium-a communication centre for first class, albeit with very large dimensions. The Vodafone branded version is called “VPA IV”.

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