Monte Versatile Looks with Knit Sweater

Check out how to wear a knit sweater in a stylish way and know how to bet on the trend without making a mistake.

Both for the chilly days of the fall-winter season and for the cool nights, the knit sweater offers stylish possibilities. The model fell on the wife’s graces and promises to continue high next year.

The delicate material follows the handmade trend, which gained evidence in 2015. The handcrafted style invaded the street fashion and won urban details such as metallized yarns, prints and rather funky models.

The wave of knitting in the fashion world

The last seasons marked the return of the knitting. If before the modeling were more sober, referring to neutral looks and without great details, in their new phase they appear more jovial than ever.

Whether for evening looks, accompanied by leather and glitter, or day-to-day wearing jeans and a shirt, the knit sweater has made room in the ladies’ wardrobe. All the diversity of models confirms the versatility of the trend.

When we talk about it, we are offered by a multitude of items.The pieces with more closed frames are discreet, ideal for work or for a formal commitment.Those that bet on more open points – true successes of the season – are the ideal choice for the weekend.

The shades also confirm the return of the knit.Now you can find not only models in raw colors, but also with metallic and neon details or even with embroidery and appliqués.

3 ways to sweep with a knit sweater

How about inserting this piece into your day’s look and sweeping away? Check out tips for using the same knit sweater on different occasions via thedresswizard:

  1. For work

As the corporate environment is more formal, it is important to bet on more sober items. The blouse can be worn with a colorful skinny pants .Remember that the tones of the pieces should be harmonized.You can also opt for a more basic wash.

To make the look tidier, invest in a scarf for the cold days or a long necklace for the others.

  1. For an informal dinner

Was there an invitation to meet with friends? The knit sweater may well be part of your production. Taking advantage of the fact that the piece is more closed at the top, allow yourself to choose a shorts or skirt to complete the look.

The cool thing is to leave the sweater off the same waist, giving a stripped and feminine touch.The mixture will be youthful and can be finished with one or a shoe.

  1. For the weekend

For that walk during the day, be it a trip to the park or to the mall, a good alternative is to bet on leggings and sneakers to guarantee a lot of comfort without giving up the style.If you’re looking for a tidier look, invest in leather legging and ankle boots.The result will be incredible!

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