Maracaju Sausage: Culinary and Tradition

We love talking about the best in our little town and this tip, of course, could not miss the Luxury feeling!

A family tradition that dominated the flavor of Mato Grosso do Sul. The sausage Maracaju is today one of the regional dishes that makes success among lovers of good meat.

The delicacy began to be produced in Maracaju City State, by settlers who came from the triângulo mineiro and brought the production of homemade sausage, it was made with pork and then was replaced by the bovine. How everything was done, the meat was first cut it with a knife from, and after embedded was left for some time to dry and so could save any longer.

A unique taste of origin 100% sul-mato-grossense, who crossed the borders of our State to please the palate of all generations and people from the most distant places.

The dish became so famous that since 1994 the Rotary Club, charitable entity, every year theMaracaju sausage party, right there in town. And a curiosity: the sausage of Maracaju is registered in the brazilian version of the Guinness Book, the book of records–1998 Edition–as the world’s largest continuous sausage, with 32.5 metres.

In Campo Grande/MS, we indicate the Maracaju sausage Restaurant to taste this delight. The place recreates a rustic atmosphere, with family touch and to give a further regional air, the style of music played in the environment is from country roots. We amamooosssss and we recommend this restaurant with my eyes closed!

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