Makeup with Eyes Marked: Shadows for Eyes and Tips

Whatever the color and the shape of your eyes, with the ideal makeup they can get even more eye-catching and valued. So in this post we split up some tips on Makeup with Eyes Marked, a favorite of Hollywood celebrities. You can point out all sorts of eyes, just have a little bit of good will. Check out:

Brown eyes: are indicated for those who have this kind of makeup eye shadows, coppery green and pink. The eyeliner can be used the way you like and the mask too.

Blue eyes: who has blue eyes must be careful since the color itself calls a lot of attention. The clear shadows can create an effect anything desirable, so the most suitable tones are: brass, Brown, black and purple.

Black eyes: dark-eyed housewives can play with shades of citrus hues (Orange and yellow). Gold also illuminates the look and it is important to be careful with the pencils and eyeliner. Your eyes may not be very dark, so avoid masks very intensive and very wide strokes.

Green eyes: as well as who has Brown eyes should use green shade, who has green eyes can bet with tranquility in the shadows. The grayscale also fall very well and who want attention can bet on gold or copper. The Pinks, Burgundy and purple can be used with caution.

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