Madfinger Us Shows Dead 2 Trigger in Detail Running on Tegra 4

It was news when Nvidia introduced its line of processors Tegra 4 in 2013 CES back in January, and now that these processors come to light on their first deployments, also does this game. It is of Dead Trigger 2, second part of the game of zombies in Madfinger Games.

And the guys in front of the developer have published a video showing the differences in the graphics, comparing last year with the one of the Nvidia mobile chipsets. Thus looks the power of Tegra 4 to Tegra 3, in video.

The video, which we advise that you see in high resolution, teaches an environment quite richer in details, mainly reflexes, but also you can see dynamic vegetation or simulation of clothing; you dance to the sound of Tegra 4 72 graphics cores.

Of course, Dead Trigger 2 will focus strongly on the multiplayer and online, and will be shown simultaneously and free (with shopping in the application, clear) on Android and iOS, though It has been delayed an advanced summer. Scheduled for launch in June, his arrival is postponed indefinitely until “you provide a 100% satisfaction”.

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