LÍVari: the Luxury within Our Grasp!

“The luxury goods are no longer intended for just the ‘ elite ‘ clientele, but the elitist part
that exists in each of us “. (Gilles Lipovetsky and Eliette Roux, the luxury eternal)

Today the Luxury feeling is sooo inspiring … Ouch ouch … makes you want to stay the whole day browsing the blog, dating the pictures, dreaming about every detail of this post! Here’s how: have palpiteco for all tastes, styles and budgets. So dear readers, we cannot give up to bring you a little more refinement and sophistication with the temptations of the luxury market. The consumer of today don’t buy luxury products only to express status, but also to give pleasure, to have an emotion, a new experience or thinking it deserves. So, the luxury market is growing beyond the consumers interested both the AA and other social classes. Want better than credit cards to be able to buy that product as desired? We understand very well that … kkkkkkkkkkk … and live the installments!

Within the luxury market, the jewels are at the top of the most sought-after products. You know why? Because the jewel expresses the individuality, it doesn’t have to be something expensive, the person uses to differentiate or, more than that, the jewels have sentimental value (the current you beat from your mother, the graduation ring, the engagement ring, the pendant with the initial of your name , etc., not to mention that it is an eternal inheritance that passes generations in generations! In this context we can include earrings, chains, bracelets, rings, and even watches. Who never dreamed, for example, with a ROLEX? We don’t count sheep to sleep, we count ROLEX! Hahahahahahaha! Galerinha, breathe deeply because today our post is the luxury, the power and the glory. We were invited by the jewellery LÍVARI to confer the wonders sold in the store, options for both women and also for men: jewelry, watches from various brands Famosíssimas (including ROLEX) and collections of MONTBLANC. Is it good or want more? Oh God… we’re Enloquecidas!

See the choices “Basiquinhas” we Made in the physics shop of the LÍVARI, in Campo Grande (MS)!!!

For the lovers of watches…

How about this box Chiquérrima the LÍVARI to keep watches?

In our wishlist:MONTBLANC pens!!!

Look how nice this box is, very nice to present to those who collect pens…

Other watches we also found in the LÍVARI…

The jewels are breathtaking…

Have you ever thought about buying jewelry online? For our joy, now the LÍVARI has a VIRTUAL store. They are unique pieces, different from those found in the physical store, and we receive at home with all the glamor and sophistication we deserve! We accessed the site www.livari.com.br and made our choices. See that fofuraaa…

We are hypnotized with so many beauties!!!!

What woman doesn’t dream of earning a jewel?

The LÍVARI, in partnership with the luxury hunch, has prepared a great surprise for you….

Who wants to win this necklace of gold with pearls???

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