Lighting with Style and Good Taste: Your Home Will Shine

Chandeliers, wall sconces, plafons, lamps, light fixtures, and more. There are many options and modern lighting practices that make all the difference in the architecture and decor of your home.

A good lighting design, value decoration, provides well-being and visual comfort. To hit the lighting, the first step is to plan, the most important is to define the use of each environment.

List all environments and associate them with the form of use facilitates the choice of adequate lighting. Dining room, parlor, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room and other studies, each space has a purpose. The ideal brightness should be nice and facilitate the implementation of various activities: read, watch TV, work, Cook, relax.

Indoors decor accessory, chandeliers give a sophisticated touch in decorating and dining room. Classic or modern, in smaller sizes, can be used in the bedroom or Office. The trick is to find a model is in harmony with space decoration.

Pendants are charming and perfect for a current decor and bold. Available in glass, steel, wood, acrylic and other materials, enhance or decorative objects with direct lighting. The time when used on the dining room table, should be between 70 and 90 cm from the top of the table and 150 cm from the floor.

And, if you think about a special touch, bet on the lamp. The piece creates a cozy atmosphere and complements the decor. The lighting fixtures, as well as decorative, are functional to the carrying out of tasks such as reading.

Prefers a well lit space? So, invest in Plafon. The piece is ideal for general lighting, recessed or superimposed, offers uniform brightness. If the intention is to create a welcoming climate, wall sconces are a good choice. Soft lighting and elegant, give a touch more in decorating.

Spots are trend in lighting projects and always a good option for targeted and functional lighting. Available in different materials, can be embedded or overlapping. Look great in any environment.

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