Led Design: Unobtrusive Modern Lirio by Philips

“Woodpecker”, “Focus on stamps”, “Paper”. Yes, that could pass for quite a variation of the popular children’s finger play (“scissors”, “Rock”, “Paper”), if not exactly light and design in focus.Therefore, we have to do it that 2014 has unveiled Dutch light – world market leader on thePreview Event at the Light + Building here with the recent addition of LED lamp collection Lirio by Philips.

And (unlike in the game) there are an inferior model, but three lights which, each in their own way convincing, show how the progress in the development of more efficient light-emitting diodes can be implemented creatively.

The most unusual of the three lights is the Piega LUCE (image Center), which is offered as a pendant and Wall lamp. Its innovative design surprised immediately and at first glance: it reminds of a folded sheet of paper, which on the three open sides smooth, warm soft light (2700 K) escape, produced with an LED Strip.

This allows to keep the minimalist body extremely flat. The Piega Luce for elongated rooms or dining tables is suitable up to 1.60 metres long (as suspension).

Materials are natural wood veneer in a light or dark Walnut tone or the purist version paper-White aluminium to the election. Depending on the version, the electrical power is six, 27 or 33 Watts, which produced by 400, 1,900 and 2,400 lumen luminous flux. As a Wall lamp the Piega Luce can be installed either below or on the side with the light outlet upwards.

A light, whose Äußeres make up is also the decorative table lamp la Lente. With its circular opening, reminds her of a magnifying glass and awakens the impression, she search even after the source of soft, light bulb from Listofledlights.com-like light that produces them. Turned out she is a gentle touch of the touch dimmer on the back.

La Lente, which exist in elegant shades of white and blue, setting trends in living room or bedroom. Two LEDs produce a luminous flux of 250 lumens with an electric output of each 2.5 watts.

The impression makes the table lamp Piculet is sympathetic, almost cute. Its design is inspired by nature and is reminiscent of a small Woodpecker-a real eye-catcher in the ambiance.

The lamp head can be turned in any direction desired and is removable, as also the base. As a result, it is possible to combine the six different colors, in which the Piculet is available individually according to their own taste. As big brother of the table lamp a slim, stylish floor lamp is available also, which can be placed almost anywhere and emits a pleasant warm Reading light (2700 k) in addition to couch or Chair. As a light source, you also serve two LEDs with an electrical output of only 2.5 watts, which produce a luminous flux of 250 lumens.

So the light models of the number of Lirio by Philips also are different – they have several things in common: all radiate a modern kind of tasteful luxury, without being intrusive to come up trumps.Sophisticated design made from high-quality materials, connect a pleasant lighting atmosphere.With their lower energy consumption, they prove impressively that aesthetics and ecological sanity excellent combine can be. Who is open to new and lighting more sees as only light, Lirio by Philips offers a variety of suggestions for the tasteful design.

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