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Did you know that there is legislation for alarms addressed to entities which study and design, installation and maintenance or technical assistance of central alarms? This activity is regulated by Act No. 34/2013 of 16 may and determines that these entities are obliged to prior registration in the National Direction of the Public Security Police.

Although these specialized entities in alarms may not fit in the concept of private security services, the law considers that are in constant interaction with the technological means used within security the security of people and goods and prevention of crimes. The ministerial order No. 272/2013, August 20, sets the conditions required for the national register of these activities.

See a summary of Ordinance No. 272/2013of August 20

Material and safety equipment

Defined as material and safety equipment alarms, as well as any electronic or electrical devices intended for

  • Detect and signal the presence, entry or attempted entry of an intruder in buildings or premises protected.
  • Prevent the entry of weapons, dangerous substances and articles of use and prohibited or susceptible of provoking acts of violence inside buildings or places of access denied to the public.
  • Control access to unauthorized persons in buildings or premises protected.
  • Capture, record, or view images of protected space.
  • Receive, send or treat signs of alarm (alarm stations), including personal or portable alarms .

Registration conditions

The registration of entities is created and maintained by the National Directorate of Public Security Police. The registration certificate is also issued by the National Direction of the PSP and advertised on your official page. The publication of the registration contains the following information:

  • Name and headquarters of the entity.
  • Collective person identification number.
  • Scope of services provided.
  • Identification of the material and security equipment.
  • Voluntary quality certification.
  • Registration number, date of issue and date of expiry.

The registration will be valid for five years and the processing of personal data in this registration procedure is subject to the rules laid down in the Data Protection Act.

Requirements and technical capacity of alarms

The entity subject to registration is a singular or collective person legally constituted and must meet the following requirements:

  • Own technical facilities.
  • Does not have debts to the State and Social Security, or to prove that the payment is assured.
  • Have liability insurance mandatory, where applicable.
  • Don’t be inhibited the exercise of the activity.

Certification of quality

The entities that require the prior registration in alarms can registered quality certification. However, for the purpose of endorsement, these entities must be in possession of one of the following certificates:

  • Certificate of quality management system for the NP EN ISO 9001, issued by accredited entity recognized or authorized by national accreditation entities or bodies of a Member State of the European Union.
  • Service certificate in the framework of the provision of study and design, installation and maintenance or technical assistance, equipment and security equipment.


The application for registration and renewal is accompanied by the following documents:

  • Birth certificate containing the description and all registrations in force issued by the Civil Registry Office.
  • Birth certificate or certified copy of the documents containing the ownership, lease, rental or usufruct of the property where are the technical installations.
  • Birth certificate or certified copy of the license or authorization for industrial or commercial activity.
  • The land registry certificate or certified copy, when the premises are not property of the entity.
  • Certificate demonstrating the absence of debts to the State and the Social Security.
  • Civil liability insurance policy, if applicable.
  • Proof of payment of the fee.

The request is still accompanied by the responsible technical documents:

  • Identity document or equivalent.
  • Residence permit or equivalent, when applicable.
  • Certificate of criminal record.
  • Professional qualification document issued by order of the Engineers or by the order of technical engineers, or of adequate vocational training, corresponding to at least 50 hours, in forming entity certified by the Director-General of the employment and labour relations.
  • Copy of the employment contract.

In this post, we gave you the meet the partial content of the ministerial order No. 272/2013of 20 August, which regulates the requirements and the procedure for registration of organizations which study and design, installation, maintenance or technical assistance of central alarm. See the Concierge at our site.pdf and see also our online shop where you will find many security products that will help you find the best solution in alarms.

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