Learn How to Stimulate Your Child from 5 Years

They grow, they begin to be aware of your place in the world, show that came, make clear their will and your personality. When the child completes 5 years, she enters a new phase of development and stimulate this is essential. His fine motor skills is already well established. His visual perception, gustatory, tactile, olfactory and auditory already has a very Rico repertoire. She desvencilhou of mom, I know you’re a human being unique and full of choices.

At this point, you start to realize that the interest in toys and games changes profile completely. The child wants to explore more, want new challenges, wants to absorb more knowledge. As yet has no notion of danger, she ventures and he needs to be warned about the care required for some activities, how to use the scissors, for example.

Let’s play

Three games that can help improve the new skills of your little is burned, the kick the field goal and the tightrope walker. At that stage, they already have notion of right and left and play with activities that work the laterality will help them secure better. In addition, they are already with your hands and legs well agile and can jump, grab and balance successfully.

The children are full of energy and play outdoors is the best choice. Go to the playground, parks or open spaces. Take the time to ride a bike. It’s a good time to take off the training wheels and start gaining more confidence on the pedals. This will work the balance, the sense of direction and strength.

Remember that it is important to offer to children’s toys that exercise to your fine Motricity and the working socialization. Mounting kits, smaller blocks, games and challenges are excellent choices.Not to mention the permanent presence of make-believe in the games. From the age of five, the child can distinguish the real from the imaginary and will enjoy making a link between them. They fail to imitate the adults in your games to design what they want for themselves when they are bigger.

This phase is also marked by literacy. They want to read, count, and understand all that’s behind the jokes. In this way, you can offer more content through the pedagogical and educational toys and books following wholevehicles.com. Take the child to wander into museums, libraries, and other spaces that provide knowledge playful is an idea that will like it her.


Whatever game or toy, it’s important to stay connected in safety. The age that comes in the package needs to be respected, it serves as a way to standardize. How do we know that development is something very subjective, Valley track and see if the child really is able to wield the toy or if you’re enjoying and absorbing all that joke gives.

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