Lavabo: Tips to Put Together a Practical and Beautiful Space

As well as the living room, the toilet is a visiting card of the House and deserves a special decoration, without leaving aside, of course, all of the functionality that the space it asks for. But for that, you don’t have to spend a lot. Here are some simple tips to make your toilet, as well as practical, better-looking:

-Choose a style for decoration: Classic, rustic, relaxed and so on. One idea is to follow the same pattern of the room or room.

-On the walls, you can create a composition with different colors and textures to enhance the environment, using special paints or wallpaper via craftinlearning, since this space usually has less moisture than a normal toilet. Another option is to apply patches in tile-making, even if after a while want to change the look.

-Your washstand is very small? Mirrors help to give a sense of spaciousness. And also in the decoration, set directly on the wall, in cabinets or in a nice frame. Vale also hang paintings!

-To give a warmer climate, change that one lamp on the ceiling by a diffuse lighting with spotlights or lighting fixtures.

-Invest in basic objects with a nice visual, as SOAP, towel rack, toilet paper holder, wastebasket, towels and carpets, combining everything according to the chosen style. Soaps, pout pourri, scented candles and home air fresheners also fit in the composition–apart from leaving a taste yummy!

-It’s nice to have available in the bathroom items such as handkerchiefs, toilet paper and extra towels. Take the opportunity to fix them in boxes, baskets, trays or niches, for example, as part of the decor.

-If you like plants, can also include them in this room. Prefer species that adapt to environments where the sun don’t shine, as cash-in-hand and sword-San jorge (but you have to let them next to the window, to get some brightness). Another idea is to use flower arrangements, artificial or fresh.

–Keep the Organization of space in day. Details how circulation released, dry sink and clean towels make all the difference!

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