Inverted French: Trends, Decorated Nails Video of How to Do

Inverted French: Trends, How To Make Decorated Nails And Use.

Beautiful nails and well cared for are synonymous of beauty and delicacy among women, so they do not exempt the trip to the manicurist or reserve a little bit to make them at home, in the best possible way.

The nails in General, both of the feet as hands often are forgotten by women busier, that when they left a spare time, get a little even too lazy to fix them, because they will be somewhat damaged and will be more laborious.

So it is always good to keep a regular care with them, because it will be faster and more convenient to leave them beautiful always.

No wonder you always throw nail polish brands from, such as clothes, collections of autumn/winter and spring/summer to follow along the looks, as nails well made are a fashion accessory! So too are ways to fix them differentiating the “accessory”, thus the inverted French

The nail French reversed, demonstrates the female spirit of innovation, because even just reversing the position of the model, it was well accepted and has become fashionable among them. With two colors of enamel, or only one, the style of inverted French nail which is also known as half moon, can be used both by women bolder or discreet suffering adaptations in the colors and sizes of strips. They’re very easy to make: it’s like doing a normal French only at the bottom of the finger, why chamndo of Frenchie reversed.

Below Left A Video That Explains How Making Them:

-That the procedure be good, you have good health care of nails! Invest in fashion and work with combinations and make nail decorating French reversed.

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