Ideas for Bathroom Shelves

The bathroom is the place where we spend more time dedicating ourselves to the care of our person and furnishing point of view the bathroom should be a maximally comfortable atmosphere.

To achieve this it is necessary to balance wisely usable space for movement and spaces for furniture and accessories able to contain the multitude of tools and products that we use in our beauty care.

Here is often in the bathroom, to save space and not sacrificing comfort, we resort to much practical solutions. Among these they stand out the shelves.

Placed high on the wall, the bathroom shelves are very useful complements to give accommodation to our products and make them readily accessible.

The bath shelves as well as for their functionality can also be appreciated for their decorative value.

Choices in colors and materials just do nothing but emphasize the walls of our bathroom and the environment in general.

Stands out for its elegance and sophistication the bathroom shelf KESA4125-P Kes.

It is a glass shelf of 24.5 cm wide by 11.9 cm deep, characterized by a rim chrome steel which acts as a brake to the fall of the products exposed here.

The metal perimeter frame goes to merge with the wall, creating two massive brackets designed to hold the shelf.

It is a proposal treated in detail, very fine, compact, able to donate to our bathroom amenities, lots of light and a touch of sophistication.

If the products to be placed in the bathroom are so many it is appropriate to use a more complex solution. This is the proposal TENDANCE with its shelf from chrome wall.

A shelf with two shelves, made entirely of chromed metal, which occupies an area of 39.5 cm wide wall, a length of 54.5 cm, a depth of 22 cm.

The structure is equipped with two shelves (one at the top, the other at medium height) and two rods towel accessory immediately below.

It finished laterally with two massive chrome edging, arch-shaped, which give it a very attractive design.

This support well structured allowing for little space to find accommodation both in everyday products (creams, perfumes, talcum powder …) and to linen.

An ideal solution for those who like to enter the trend accessories in the bathroom without in the least sacrificing practicality.

A proposal is equally decorative shelf to corner cupboard, that is a shelf that lets you take advantage of a corner bath that would otherwise be lost, putting in prominence and decorating it with art.

Small, simple but extremely elegant the corner cupboard of Axxentia Bad 282100 glass.

In 35 cm wide and 26 cm deep, lets put on display our most prestigious products, as brand-name perfumes, and enriches a corner of our bathroom with different textures and materials.

The glass corner cabinet is in fact provided with an edging in shiny metal useful to keep in balance products.

The glass and metal mix, making up the shelf, gives the wall on which is mounted light, brightness, dynamism and modernity.

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