I Bought My First Tablet with Android, and Now?

IG’s Guide helps beginners to adjust the main settings and take your first steps with your mobile device.

With the arrival of cheaper devices with 7-inch screen and the Android tablets sales grew 150% in one year in Brazil . However, those who are not familiar with new technologies may have difficulties to use the tablet for the first time.

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If you are among the first-timers, check out this special produced by iG . The goal here is to guide beginners in the world of tablets with Android, with tips to make your first experience more comfortable. To select the most common questions among users, the iG had the help of manufacturers of tablets CCE and DL, which reported the main doubts of its consumers. Check out the tips.

How to connect the internet tablet?

All tablet features Wi-Fi connection, which allows the user to connect the tablet to a wireless network in your home or work. This wireless network, for your time, is connected to the internet through cable, optical fiber or ADSL connection. As most of the tasks on your tablet depend on the internet, configure your access is the first thing to do.

Go to the page that shows all applications and press “settings”. To view the “Wi-Fi”, verify that it is connected. If it’s all right, the system will show the list of nearby Wi-Fi networks.

Select your Wi-Fi network, enter the password (if any) and the tablet will be connected to the internet. To switch the WiFi quickly, simply slide your finger from the top of the screen and tap on the icon of the network.

Some tablets also have connection through integrated 3 g network. To configure it, you need to insert a SIM chip carrier on the product and, in the “settings” menu, press “” to select the mobile network operator’s network.

The procedure is similar to low-cost models that offer the option of using an external 3 g modem (connected to the tablet through an adapter).

How to lock the screen of your tablet?

One of the main recommendations of the experts is to set a password for your device so you acquire it. It prevents pictures, emails and other content getting into the wrong hands if the tablet is lost or stolen. To configure your password, go to “settings”, go to the menu “security” and “screen lock”.

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On Android, you can choose between a common numeric password, create an unlock pattern in creating bind points displayed on the screen of the tablet or even through facial recognition software. In the latter case, you need to capture an image of your face, which will serve as a standard of comparison. Once registered, every time you turn on the tablet, just look at the camera for the system to unlock the screen automatically.

How to change the background image?

The easiest way to do this is to simply play for a few seconds in any place of the main screen, in an area that does not have icons. The Android then displays a screen that lets you choose a picture or wallpaper as a background system.

How to configure the email account?

Who has a Gmail email address to your configured already connect the tablet. But who got e-mails from other services can set it in the Android email application.

To do this, tap on the “Email” icon on the home screen. Enter your email address and your password and press the button “Next”. On the next page, set if the tablet should display notifications whenever a new email arrives (in the case of tablets with 3 g connection, this can generate data consumption).

After the configuration, the tablet will display user messages.

Android allows the user to register multiple email accounts. To do this, click the icon located on the right-hand side of the top bar of the email client, to view the options and press “settings”. Tap “add account” and repeat the registration with your second e-mail account.

How to download applications through Google’s Play?

After finishing the configuration of the unit, the next step is to explore the Google app store Play. If the user already has an account on Google Apps store, you can inform during the initial configuration of the new tablet, so it is connected. Otherwise, you need to register a Google account to access the applications (if the user already has an e-mail from Gmail, just inform your username and password).

Select the application tab, which brings the programs free and paid virtual store. To download an application, select the option and click the install button (to download paid apps, the user will have to inform the credit card number). Wait until the download is complete and the application will be available on the home screen.

How to transfer apps to the microSD memory card?

Most new tablets on sale in the market runs the Android system in version 4.0 or higher. In those versions, it is not possible to install applications on the memory card. The card gives only to store music, videos, pictures, books and other files. In General, the memories of the tablets offers space enough to store applications, including social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, and basic games like Angry Birds.

If the user wants to install heavier games on the tablet, however, it is better to keep an eye on the internal memory of the tablet. Some low-cost tablet models offer 4 GB of internal memory, which can prevent the installation of many applications more “heavy”. In this case, it is better to choose a device that offers higher internal memory.

How to transfer songs and videos to tablet?

Unlike the main competitor, the iPad, the tablet with Android operating system do not depend on a program installed on your computer to transfer music files or videos.

Simply connect the tablet to the computer via the microUSB cable for Windows start autoplay application, similarly as with Flash drives and digital cameras.

It is worth mentioning that, if any lock with password enabled, the user will have to unlock the tablet so that your content appears in the Windows.

Select the “open folder”. Windows displays the different folders of your tablet with Android. To add songs, drag files or folders from your computer to the “Music” folder of the device. In the case of videos, drag the files to the folder “Movies”. The user does not have to worry about organizing the files by artist and album, because the Android MP3 player does this automatically.

How to view movies on your tablet?

The native Android video player has few resources, which prevents the user who wants to watch movies to have a good experience. Through the app store, Google Play, you can download apps to display videos, which offer additional features such as support for more video formats. In addition, some support the display of subtitles files. Meet four good video applications for Android .

How do I know the memory available?

The Android system allows you to view what’s available space on the device and on the memory card to store files. To view, simply access “settings” and then “storage”. In a simple graph, it is possible to know the free memory and the space occupied by applications, songs, videos, among others.

To know which applications occupy more space in memory, the user must Access the menu “settings” and then “applications”. In “Downloaded”, you can view the amount of memory that each application occupies on your tablet. The feature is useful for help in choosing which applications to delete when the internal memory of the product starts to run out.

How to Exchange files via Bluetooth?

To Exchange files via Bluetooth connection or connect accessories such as headphone or physical keyboard to tablet, the user must activate the Bluetooth connection of the appliance. To do this, simply access the menu “settings” and then enable the Bluetooth item, which appears at the top of the list, next to Wi-Fi.

Once activated, touch the screen to display the available devices for connection (keep-
activating the Bluetooth on devices too so that they can be matched with the tablet). Tap on the desired device and the tablet will initiate synchronization.

How to backup and restore to factory settings?

To Exchange or sell the tablet for a friend, be sure to restore to factory settings. But beware: when doing this procedure, the user erases the entire contents of the unit, included the installed applications.

So it is best to back up the information of your tablet before. Some tablets have the option of automatic backup of information on Google’s servers. However, as manufacturers may make changes to the operating system, sometimes automatic syncing with the cloud is not available on the model chosen.

The user can also copy your files manually to save a copy on your computer. To do this, simply connect the device to your PC and choose the option “open folder” AutoPlay application. Drag the files to a folder on your computer.

There are also some Google applications that promise to help Play on stored backup files, such as Media Fire, My Backup Pro and the Master Backup. However, these applications can have access restrictions to some types of files stored on the device. In addition, they do not keep files synchronized with the copy in the cloud.

After completing the backup of data stored on the tablet, the user must Access the menu “settings” then “backup and reset”. Tap on the “original Configuration” option, which will start the restore and restart the tablet at the end of the process.

How to make the battery last longer?

The battery of the tablets with Android features duration, of an average of 8 hours of moderate use. To monitor battery usage, the user must Access the menu “settings”, tap on “energy management” and then on “Chart of energy use”. Android will display a chart that shows what are the main applications responsible for tablet battery consumption.

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The “energy saver”, the user can define how the tablet uses energy. When the battery is in order, for example, it is possible to extend the duration of those “last 10% battery when connecting the ultra-econômico mode, which disconnects the network tablet when the appliance is in standby mode. This feature, however, may be available in some models only of tablets with Android.

Other useful tips to save battery include close applications that are running in the background. For this, press the icon that shows two overlapping rectangles at the bottom of the screen of tablets. A list of applications that run in the background will appear. To close them, simply drag the application to the side of the screen.


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