How to Wear Panama Hat, What Matches

Use hat has become a habit among Brazilian to protect from the sun, but most are wearing the hat as abeauty accessory, especially if it is a Panama hat that has style and was present on the catwalks of SPFWand Fashion Rio. The accessory is more and more present in the day to day costume, a straw accessory that is almost a must. Thanks to the versatility of fashion that today it is possible to make thousands of combinations and various uses for the hat, goes from each style and taste to make the perfect match. It can be said that the hat is an unexpected element of fashion that the other side in your look, which can also be part of your style of your personal brand. Finally, the hat is an indispensable accessory in clothing, both feminine and masculine, just know how to make the combinations.

How To Wear A Hat

When you use the hat as an accessory just to give more style and charm to the production, you do not need to follow the label that says the hat should be taken indoors. In this case the hat is an accessory of clothing, a head ornament with the goal of making the look more beautiful and elegant. In this case it is not part of a ritual, so it does not have to be taken out and can be used in both winter and summer. As is the case of Panama hats that will come with all the force for summer 2012, it will be irresistible to put on a look without having a hat added in the visual guaranteeing the charm of the piece. Anyone can wear a hat that gives them the right choice.

How To Wear Panama Hat

The piece should and can be used for moments of relaxation on the beach, or for outdoor walks by the sea, but also became mandatory for casual programs even in cities where there is no beach as is the case in São Paulo. Another tip to use Panama is with fluffier dresses, or with shorts this is a great way to enjoy the best season of the year with a renewed look. On cooler days it is also not left out, and can be combined with a skinny pants or with a more sophisticated dress and blazer. An excellent tip for styling your Panama hat is to change the standard black strap to a colored handkerchief of your choice, or a colored ribbon. And to combine even more the visual invistas in low shoes like sneakers, Oxford and creeps.


Originally Panama was only used to define the legitimate model that was made in Ecuador made from a straw called toquilla, with the fabric tightly closed. But with the spread of the piece the name ended up being adopted to designate all the models that resemble the original accessory. The Panama hat has been woven for more than 1000 years and is handmade by Inca Indians, and each takes from two days to six months to be made. Did you know that hat straw is born in just one place in the world, in Ecuador. The hat is called Panama, because when the French, and then the Americans built the Panama Canal, they began to wear their hats to protect themselves from heat and humidity, imitating local workers. When they returned to their countries they asked them where these hats were, and they answered from Panama. And so in the whole world was known by this name. To this day it is used by royalty throughout the world.


A handcrafted work, done with great care and dedication, to reach the hands of consumers in perfect condition. Today Panama hat is used by all people regardless of their social class, and can be found all over Brazil. For more information, just go to and buy your original Panama hat.

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