How to Wear: Choker Blouse

You may still not love (I confess I still do not know if I like it!), But it looks like the choker sweaters keep pounding around here! This mix of t-shirt with choker has been fashionable for at least a year and is the result of several trends together, having been spread by it girls like the sisters Jenner, Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid.

And it is worth remembering that the shirt itself is just one of the pieces that won this adaptation – you can find tops, shirts and even sweaters or dresses with that neckline and the band on the neck. Let’s see some ideas on how to use it?!

The basic shirt with the choker is a way to modernize the regular t-shirts:it is easy to use and looks good with everything, just like the “original”version. But here at, the choker blouse also gains bolder versions with open necklines that can leave the look sensual or super off. If you do not feel comfortable with this larger opening, the tip is to wear a lace top underneath – another fashion piece that will bring grace to the look.

Despite being cool and stripped down, it can still be part of a slim look if worn in the shirt version in a lighter fabric for example, or combined with stylish pants. Now if your will is to become fashionable, it is worth combining with other trend options like mom jeans, button skirt, shorts and sneakers. Being trendy is easy to find choker sweaters out there, but there are also tutorials and internet tips on how to customize an old T-shirt and give it a new face. So, who adhered to this fashion?

1. Choker blouse with jeans

2. Choker blouse with skirt

3. Choker blouse with pants

4. Blouse choker with short

5. Dress choker

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