How to Make Handicrafts with Slippers

There are several processes on how to make handicrafts with slippers, and you can choose whichever you prefer. Use the pedrarias and appliques that most have something in common with your personality.

How To Make Handicrafts With Slippers

To Customize A Slipper You Will Need:

1 pair of white slippers;

Pearls of various sizes from Indexdotcom;

Beads, seeds and other precious stones;

White line;


White satin ribbon (the amount will depend on the size of the slipper and the thickness of the strip).

Begin by wrapping the white satin ribbon across the slipper strip so that it covers the entire strip. But make good finishes on the bases of the strip, giving points with the needle and white line.

With the entire strip of the slipper covered with the white satin ribbon, you must pass the satin ribbon on the seam of the slipper strip so that it forms a triangle. And always guaranteeing good finish by giving stitches with needle and white line.

Continuing the process of how to make handicrafts with slippers, with the “base” of the slipper mounted, you should start embroidering the stones, any way you want and using the pieces you want. But always remembering to give us several knots to fasten the stones, and at the end of each embroidered piece, so that the stones do not escape. You can embroider the entire base and the entire strip of slipper or just the base and a part of the strip, here is you who decides what you think best. And when finished embroidering make a good finish.

Choose a model of slipper you want to make and put your hands on the dough already.

Watch the video and see how to make decoupage in slipper.

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