Homemade Bread Recipe

This is a very simple, easy and practical home-made bread recipe.

I always publish in my Instagram that I am preparing this bread because everyone who comes here at home asks me.

The big secret of this homemade bread recipe is patience!

Knowing what you will have to do from one day to the next.

The 24 hours of fermentation work miracles.LOL

Work does not give, it’s just the question of scheduling even the day before.

The result will be a homemade bread food with crispy peel, soft and full of alveoli, very light.

Homemade bread recipe

You will need:

5 cups sifted wheat flour (makes all the difference sifting to the final smoothest and even result)

+ Enough to give the point (let go of the hands).This is because the quality of flour changes a lot, sometimes you even need more than one cup more than necessary.

Always pay attention on the yield that the wheat flour you buy gives, will be a good indicator to compare the prices of the flour

2 cups warm water

3 tablespoons of sugar

3 tablespoons of oil

2 teaspoons of salt

1 tablespoon instant dry yeast


In a large bowl I add the yeast with the sugar, then add the warm water and mix.

I leave for 5 minutes resting to help the baking wax.

Then I add a cup of sifted wheat flour.

As the dough is still liquid so I will not touch my hands and then leave unnecessary fingerprints in the kitchen, I wipe it with a spatula.

I reserve for about 20 minutes, so that flour, sugar and yeast start to work.

Then I add the oil and the salt, I mix well (with the help of the spatula)

And then I add and mix the other cups of flour sifted, one by one.

Until the 3rd cup the mixture is still liquid, so I use the spatula to stir.

It is only after pouring the 4th cup that I begin to knead with my hands.

Then just add the 5th cup and make it well!

Leave the flour bag always by your side for ease of use.

If it is necessary to add little more flour until you reach the point of release of the hands.

He let loose and the mass already became uniform capricha in the “amassos” (rs).


Obs : Can you let it grow for a few hours and bake?Gives.But the bread will not get so soft, digesting and tasty.All this depends, essentially, on the fermentation time.

Ideal : Let it rest from day to day in this bowl (keep inside the cold oven), you should cover it well with film paper.

The mass is growing and tends to overflow, the film role will help you to avoid it.

The next day, you take it out of the bowl and already mold the bread into the shape it will use.

If you need to use a little more flour to help you in this process.

I usually place it in the center of the round pizza-baking pan.

Before the formwork, including the sides with oil.

I make the bread in the rounded form and place it in the center of the pan to let it grow for another 6 to 8 hours or until the time to bake, just before the guests arrive.

I keep it in the oven until just before baking.

It will grow a lot and can take up all the space.

Just take a look at this version.Before baking I brushed a mixture of olive oil with lemon pepper, it is deliciously crunchy and citric.


Remove the dough that was resting in the oven.

If you like you can make drawings on bread by scratching with a knife before taking it to the oven.

Preheat to 200 degrees (5 minutes).

Put the bread to bake about 30 minutes or the bark turns golden


Your homemade bread recipe is ready, when friends arrive at your house they will still have the opportunity to taste the delicious aroma of baked bread.

Hot bread – enough good butter or oil to get wet.

Enjoy your food!

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