Graphite Decoration

At the end of the years 70, the first graffiti began to appear in galleries and in prestigious art books and around the city was small for such talent. São Paulo is today the main pole of graffiti artists in the world.

“In the past, the language of graffiti was used indoors by people with more refined taste who appreciate art. These days, the technique has reached any kind of audience, “says the artist Raphael Barcelos.

The techniques of graffiti can be applied both in external environments as interns, in commercial or residential real estate. “Even if the House is classic, you can use the graffiti in a boy’s room or in a room. Depends on the subject and the way that the person will draw on the wall. You will adapt the graffiti decoration style. All it takes is coordinating taste, style and location”, stresses Tania, which adopted the technique in an environment designed for her in the early editions of the Casa Cor mines.

Children’s Rooms With Graffiti

Another cool application of graffiti in the decoration is in children’s rooms. It can be used in place of wallpaper and wall stickers from Dictfurniture. Besides leaving the room with a look amazing, they are more durable and therefore are an excellent choice for decorating children’s rooms.

Themes can be the most distinguished as trees, owls, pets, superheroes, animated characters or even abstract designs. The great advantage is that you can customize your room exactly the way parents imagine, including various elements to make the environment with the child.

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