Gerit Kling and Andrea Lüdke in Canada

The actresses Gerit Kling and Andrea Lüdke blogged 14 days live from the north of Canada.
Gerit Kling has been on the screen since her fifth year, one of her biggest roles she played in 2004 in the international Kinofilm “Seewolf”. Andrea Lüdke has participated in numerous films and TV series such as “Großstadtrevier”,”Polizeiruf 110″,”SOKO Köln” and “Wolffs Revier”. The two actresses have been close friends for more than 20 years and often go on holiday together – no wonder they immediately accepted when the great adventure in Canada was offered to them.
Yukon:adventurer, fortuneteller and gold seeker
The several thousand square kilometers of the Northwest Territories and the legendary Yukon were regarded as a world of adventurers, lucky critics and gold seekers, as the world of Jack London and Robert Service. But how do you prepare for the Arctic tundra with the glaciated mountain world and the subarctic taiga with the endless forests where grizzly, elk and caribou are at home?
Andrea Lüdke:”The first Musthave is comfortable shoes, binoculars and pocket knifes accessory, we have met with many extraordinary people, and I am particularly looking forward to the outposts of civilization, the Inuits on the Arctic Ocean or the Athapasque Indians Names such as Tuktoyaktuk or the highest mountain in Canada, the Mount Logan, a whopping 5,959 meters high!”

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