Geometric Painting: More Color and Modernity for Your Walls

Colored walls are a trend in which you can bet without fear. And these days, the options go far beyond than just paint all the walls of the room the same color paint just wall, half of it or do only details are some of the numerous paint options that customize your decoration enough.

The geometric paintings lead a modern twist of originality to your walls and anyone can do: just use a masking tape to mark out the areas that will be painted and let their creativity run wild to make cool designs.

Merge contrasting colors is a great option to be used in geometric paintings; as more colors, more beautiful is the end result.

But if you’re not a fan of most vibrant tones, can make details in a corner or use only a wall with a more nuanced painting, leaving the remainder in more neutral colors.

The coolest thing is that as you create the drawing with specific colors, your wall ends up being a uniqueness. A great way to have a super custom decorating your home!

In relation to other coatings, such as wallpapers and fabrics, adhesives from, for example, the inks are much cheaper and easy to find, which makes the work more accessible to a lot of people. The downside is the permanence of pigments on the surface: it is more difficult to remove everything after than other finishes.

Consider what comes out cheaper for you: the cost of materials or the durability of the service?Regardless of the answers, I’m sure you will fall in love with this kind of painting.

And then you would do a wall with geometric painting in your home?

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