Games Google + Will Disappear on June 30

Surprise news that has dropped Google just hours after confirmation of Google Play Game Services, the services that allows us to play with our Google + contacts. Since the Google + games they are not so used, and allows almost the same as the new services of Google Play, this gaming service will close soon.

It communicates it in the support page, which confirms that the small compendium of games possessing will disappear the day 30 June, in a month and a half. Since Google not stored information of items, it will be impossible to export them, with what you have is to ask the developer if you want to continue playing.

It is a hard but necessary for Google, step because these section did not end in triumph, and is now on mobile phones more playing. The big question will be if in the future Google + circles be used for more platforms, such as the computer, browser and console games, albeit without entering the social networks specifically.

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