Female Pants Adidas

German sports equipment, Adidas is regarded as the second-largest branch in the world, behind only Nike. This information that contradicts itself in Europe, because there, the mark is regarded as the number one in the market. The Attache was founded in 1920 by the young designer, with 23 years old at the time, Adolf–nickname Adi-Dassler, thus giving rise to the name ADIDAS.

What began with a small homemade production of sports shoes–held at Adi’s mother’s kitchen! Soon became a sensation on the market. With this, the brand never stopped growing and developing, in addition to the famous footwear, other products within the segment sportswear. Also developing clothing lines and equipments–male and female children, designed exclusively for fans of a good sport.

This relationship by Adidas featuring fashion, began in 1990, and since then, has been increasingly close. In 1993, the Queen of pop Madonna has signed a line of sports clothing and accessories for the brand. In 2005, it was the turn of mega designer Stela McCartney to partner – long-term – with the company, to develop the collection entitled “Adidas by Stella McCartney”. He presented a sports line with focus on the performance of women in time for practice. Complete the Adidas women’s catalog, back from traditional costumes, to dresses, Polo shirts, jackets, Cardigans, bikinis, etc.

Success aside, the brand name jeans are one of the most sought after and can be purchased in various models. Since the classic legging pants, racing, in sweatshirt and spandex, the most modern and tuned with the latest and best information fashionistas. Using knitting, using modeling as the Office, cropped-pants short, carrot, news, saruel and super tuned to the body, slim fit style.

Besides having the most varied colors: black (with the known white stripes on the sides of the legs), white, grey, beige, Brown and also super, colored in shades of blue, green, coral, red, pink, purple, and many other shades.

More recently, our beloved jeans also joined the team of the company, being the star 2011 summer collection pants from Adidas. On the last day on January 20, was announced the Union with the trendy fashion label Diesel, for the creation of the first and unique Adidas jeans line, which will be available in the models skinny, boyfriend and eight different washes.

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