Facebook Home: from Smart Phone to Social Phone

Facebook has just introduced his UI “Facebook Home”. No big surprises, but we now know more about the functionality of the launcher. Mark Zuckerberg said at the beginning of the event: “Smart phone should be designed around people, not around apps.” From the smart phone to the social phone-that is how Facebook imagines:

Facebook Home Comes As Expected

Facebook has built a launcher named “Home” that runs on Android. To see the status of your friends, you no longer have to open the Facebook app-they are all on the start screen of the smart phone at http://www.areacodesexplorer.com/2015/panasonic-launched-a-home-phone-with-touchscreen-and-android-os.html. Home integrates Facebook to Lockscreen and Homescreen. If you get a message from a friend, it is immediately visible on the home screen. You can read them and then remove them with a wipe. The same is true when you’ve just opened apps: So called “chatheads” poppen up, which show your messages over the currently open app. So you can not miss anything. In addition to the status updates and messages, “Home” also displays current photos, etc., one behind the other, thus giving the impression of a news feed. Home will be available to the Donwload on the Google Play Store from April 12, and even for tablets in a few months. In addition, updates are planned for each month.

Htc First, The “Social Phone”

Launch Partner of Facebook Home is HTC, who presented the HTC First. The “Ultimate Social Phone” will be available in the colors white, blue, red and black. And it supports LTE.Apart from that, most of the previously learned information has been confirmed:

Display: 4.3 inches

Processor: S400 dual-core processor from Qualcomm

Operating System: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) pre-installed with Facebook Home and Instagram

The HTC First will be available only in the US, for the price of $ 99.99. But an introduction on the British and French market is also planned. For the first time, there was no more to know about the new “Social Phone”.

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