Everything You Need about Wall Stickers with Our Definitive Guide

The house reflects much the personality of its owner, who even with little money can create a pleasant, cozy environment that conveys a sense of well-being. It was the time when redecorating the environment took a lot of effort and time. With Mute My Home wall stickers you can customize your decor in just a few minutes and the best; spending little.

The practice of decorating walls with adhesives began in France and soon spread throughout Europe. In 2006 the fashion arrived in Brazil and proved to be a great alternative for Brazilians, who saw in the wall stickers a practical, fast and very functional option for the personalization of environments. The stickers have become a great ally in decorating homes around the world and are no longer exclusively applied to the walls. Today it is possible to find adhesives for application in furniture, refrigerators, floors, etc. To decorate with creativity, just use your imagination and our stickers, of course!

The wall stickers are versatile, easy to apply and combine with all kinds of environment. You can choose the model that combines more with your personality or decoration by drawing inspiration from some band, cartoon, character, movie, artist, among others; there are countless models and inspirations for you to use when choosing your wall sticker on Mute My Home. If you prefer, you also ask for your custom design and the Mudo Minha Casa staff will give you the sticker the way you always dreamed.

The Importance of Reading the Guide: Reading this guide is mandatory for anyone who wants to get right in the decoration of environments using wall stickers. Through this guide you will know everything about wall stickers, including styles, themes, colors and possibilities of combination in environments. Be sure to read it if you want to get the decor right and leave your home with a professional design. Read the entire guide and be amazed by our recommendations, tips and suggestions. Good reading!

# 1-What Are Wall Stickers?

Also known as decorative wall stickers or wall stickers, wall stickers are true “artwork” stickers made from vinyl material (adhesive vinyl) of high fixation and easy handling. Wall stickers in their essence are nothing more than images or drawings created by designers or artists reproduced in an adhesive material, and their main purpose is to customize environments.

The vinyl adhesive, where the selected gear is printed, is made of a water resistant plastic type, which gives it great durability and versatility, which can be available in various colors and textures. This material is the same used, for example, by visual communication companies for the production of shop signs, external signage or even decoration of company vehicles.

To make them, there are basically three types of processes for the production of wall stickers used for decoration: clipping adhesive, printing or printing and conjugate trimming.

Clipping Sticker

For production of the trimming adhesive, adhesive vinyl rolls are used with colors that are already pre-defined at the factory. Each factory provides the material according to a color palette, such as an ink house. In this process we select the roller with the color desired by the customer and we use an electronic clipping machine that cuts the adhesive according to what was previously designed on the computer in a vector program. This type of adhesive can have more than one color since an assembly is made, but usually this adhesive is only available in one color, that is monochrome.

Printing Adhesive

In the printing system the white adhesive vinyl is used, where a large format printer reproduces the chosen image. Composed of a mixture of colors, such as a home printer, this system allows the printing of images as faithful as photographs.

For printing there are two types of machines (large format plotter) that can do this job. Solvent or latex based printers. We will talk about these two types below.

Printing And Clipping Adhesive

The conjugated system is nothing more than the union of the impression and the cut. First the image is printed and then trimmed at the edge, leaving the adhesive free of white parts, allowing the bottom of your wall to interact directly with the final result of the setting. The stickers Cut out in the shape of the drawing resemble a delicate painting, with excellent definition of strokes and colors.

Solvent Printing Vs. Latex Printing

The first, printing with solvent-based ink, produces great results on flexible media such as tarps, vinyls, papers, fabrics and others. Its price is much more in account and its printed are quite resistant to intempéries, that allows the application in indoor and outdoor media. The key difference is that this process uses organic solvents (not water) to deposit the dyes. These solvents used to penetrate the media, evaporate in the air and end up in some way contaminating the environment. The weakness of this impression lies in the toxicity of its inks, although there are less toxic paints such as eco-solvents. Some companies, with the intention of generating more profits, end up using cheaper paints that tend to use less safe (and carcinogenic) components of uncertain origin.

The printer with latex paint is the great novelty of the segment. His work is similar to the work done by solvent-based printers, but with the advantage that his ink is 100% eco-friendly. Latex paint, used in inkjet printers (large format), takes three basic elements in its composition: pigments (which impart color to the input), water (ink vehicle) and latex polymers (which support and encapsulate the pigments). The latex paint dries by means of heat, produced by sources (heaters) built into the printer itself.

Mute My Home wall stickers are made by printing with latex paint, whose quality is superior to any other type of material available in the market. The colors are infinitely more vibrant and saturated, guaranteeing impressions in very high resolution and much sharper. The quality provided by the technology of our HP Latex printer is far superior compared to that of a solvent based printer. The colors are more solid, while the fidelity and consistency are incredible.

This type of material also has greater durability than the conventional one, because it is more resistant to scratches, climatic changes and other actions of external factors. During printing the latex melts and creates a protective coating on the pigment that protects it from wear and tear for much longer, keeping the colors sharper and brighter.

Moreover, the simple fact of choosing a mute My Home wall sticker offers an extra advantage for you: Latex is an antiallergic, odorless and odor free material. The inks are water based, and their prints do not give the environment harmful air pollutants. This allows impressions to be installed unrestrictedly in places where you should take greater care of your health, such as rooms for newborns and children, hospitals, schools and restaurants.

# 2-How Are Mute My Home Wall Stickers Made?

Have you ever wondered how a wall sticker is made? Well, the creation and production of adhesives basically follow the same process that starts at the conception of the idea and ends at the moment it is sent to your home. Made under a rigorous Quality System, the My Home Mute Decorative Sticker is produced with ultrafine material, of best performance found in the current market. The sticker is printed in high resolution real and prepared with great affection so that you have a super nice experience both during the application of the product on the wall and in the result of the decoration.

Until the sticker arrives in your home, be aware that for this, several steps have been taken in a long process of idealization, creation, printing and preparation. See below how each of them is done:

Description Of The Wall Sticker Production Process:

Research: The designer searches the trends and reference images to create the models. He looks for current references in the world of fashion, cinema, games, among other productions to then raise the issues that are trends and that can inspire the creation of wall stickers.

Definition of themes: Creation team meets brainstorm, also known as “brainstorming” and defines themes and models to be developed. At this stage the team professionals discuss the most relevant topics and the best ideas are approved for the creation stage.

Creation of the Arts: Now is the time to let creativity flow and work on creating the arts that will later become wall stickers. Using pencils, paper, pens, and finally the computer our designers begin to make the ideas real. At this stage the arts are created, filled with color, evaluated and approved so that they can go to prepress.

Pre-Printing: With digital art ready, it’s time to put the pieces together in carton format to save the raw material and create the cut lines on the pictures or drawings. This step is essential for you to receive in your home the sticker that you purchased with all the pieces included for the assembly.

Art reproduction: With the matrix of adhesive ready the file is sent to the factory where it will be printed and or cut out. Upon completion of this step, its adhesive goes to maturation and drying.

Preparation: After the maturation and drying time, which can last up to 1 day, the adhesive is peeled (a process where the parts that will not be used are removed). Afterwards the transfer mask is applied, which is a transparent film that purpose to transfer the adhesive from the paper to the desired surface. After it is refilled and separated together with the data of your request

Packaging: at this moment the adhesive is rolled, placed in the tube next to the spatula and application manual, properly labeled and is ready waiting only the indicated carrier to carry out the collection and take it straight to your home.

# 3-Advantages Of Using Wall Stickers In Decorating

The use of wall stickers has gained enough prominence when decorating an environment as it is an economical and versatile alternative. These articles have an easy application, which avoid dirt and other disorders that a common reform usually brings. Check out the numerous advantages:


Today there are several types of models, sizes and formats for you to let go of your imagination and decorate your home with boldness and creativity. The environments will be 100% personalized and matching the personality of each resident. You can harmonize your décor using the stickers that most match your home furniture or the environment. If you want a themed decoration, the wall stickers are also great for this purpose.

The stickers give beauty and sophistication to the environment and as they are available in different subjects, just combine the art with the style of the decoration. And you still have the possibility to choose all the colors you want for your project. Thanks to the high resolution printing, your sticker will have clearer and more attractive colors.

Ease Of Application

The application of the wall stickers is simple and allows the quick and easy creation of customized environments and differentiated spaces. Adaptable to any type of smooth surface, be it wall, glass, wood or metal, the stickers enchant any environment and leave it much more beautiful. There are many themes, models and possibilities for you to choose, to inspire and transform your home in the environment that you have always dreamed of.

Low Cost

Better to decorate with practicality is to decorate spending little: the wall stickers are ideal for those who want to change the decoration without spending much. Why is decorating with stickers cheaper? Have you ever wondered what makes decorating with wall stickers become so advantageous in regard to decorating with other materials and features. The truth is that the cost x benefit of decorating with wall stickers is higher due to a number of factors that go beyond the actual price of the product.

Decorating with adhesives does not require time-consuming preparation of the environment and does not involve costs for this process. You just need to wipe the surface before applying. In addition, the application of the wall sticker does not require a professional workmanship, and you can make your own application following the tips and guidelines of this guide (see more details on how to apply). The adhesive comes with its own glue, not requiring the purchase of other materials to carry out the application. The essential items for application of the product accompany the packaging sent by Mudo Minha Casa.

In addition to all these benefits, decorate with Mudo stickers My Home also offers extra savings when you remove the stickers: Our stickers are made of special material, ultra resistant and easy to handle, that do not damage your wall in time of removal. If you get sick of your sticker or want to change it for another, just remove it and apply the new adhesive to the surface. (See how to remove your adhesive).

Reform Without Dirt And Without Breaker

Doing a remodeling or painting in this space demands material and labor expenses, in addition to generating some disorders such as dirt and clutter. These factors can make it impossible to change the room, however, you can renew the environment in a much more practical and economical way: using adhesives.

If you believe it’s time to refresh the look of this room, know that a makeover is not always necessary. Today it is possible to leave the environment more beautiful and pleasant using only stickers. However simple and small, a beautiful sticker can transform the environment in an impressive way.

Do Not Compromise The Space

This collection of wall stickers contains designs that will maintain comfort without compromising space. What does it mean? It means that its adhesive is made of a layer of thin latex that is almost imperceptible and does not compromise the space of the environment. But do not be fooled! The My Home Mute stickers are made of ultra sturdy materials ensuring greater durability compared to others currently found on the market.

Adhesives can also help give amplitude to the environment: Clear and mirrored adhesives can help cause the amplitude effect in your decor. If that is your goal, try also decorating the wall of the environment with several stickers of the same size queued. You will see this composition helps to give the feeling that the environment is bigger.


Durability depends on how the wall sticker is maintained. If well maintained, a wall sticker can remain intact in the environment for up to 10 years. However, the wall sticker can only be applied once. When removing it, do not apply the same adhesive, already used, elsewhere.

To ensure durability, avoid sun exposure, clean the wall before applying the adhesive and be careful when cleaning it.

Easy Cleaning And Maintenance

Conserving your wall sticker increases the durability of the adhesive and guarantees the quality of the adhesive for many years. Cleaning is done with a slightly damp cloth and no special product is required. Do not use alcohol or any other abrasive material to avoid damaging the material.

Ease Of Removal

It is very common to change your mind and you end up getting tired of the look of your walls. Best of all, these stickers are easy to remove. They come out easily with the heat of a dryer. Start at the tips of the sticker. Then wipe with a damp cloth and you’re done!

# 4 – The Most Interesting Themes For Each Style Of Person

You are very close to making your home much more creative and personalized. It’s time to choose the wall sticker that suits you best! With the popularization of wall stickers, there are a number of models, motifs and colors to inspire you and choose the one that best suits your style.

Much is known that the decoration translates the style and the personality of each person. Below is a guide that demystifies this idea, check it out!

Geek: Geek means nerd in English. However, the geek and pop culture have many characteristic elements inspired by movies, games and series characters. Wall stickers of this style are very versatile, creative and fun.

Sexy: As the name says, the style stickers give sensuality and a lot of originality to the environment. The stickers of this category are used to leave the environment warm, engaging and elegant.

Rocker: More than a musical style, rock can also be considered a lifestyle for its fans and followers. 
After all, who never dreamed of becoming a rock star? Impossible not to dive into the world of rock stars with these stickers. They are creative, irreverent and very fun models.

Classic: The classic never goes out of style and is considered a style of timeless decoration. With neutral tones and old references, the classic decorative items give the environment elegance and richness. The wall stickers of classic models are for anyone who wants a very sophisticated and beautiful environment and above all, luxuriously elegant!

Modern: The wall stickers of this theme are modern, as the name says, and follow the trend of modernist, minimalist and bolder decor. Ideal for those who want an extravagant decoration, extroverted or super innovative.

Retro / Vintage: Retro Vintage is hot! Decorative items with references to the 50s, 60s and 70s are back taking out sighs and the admiration of those who are passionate about style. These adhesive designs are for those who have a classic style but do not give up being chic and daring. Oh, God! I’m so retro!

Romantic: Full of flowers, and details of nature, the romantic style appeals to both women and men. The wall stickers of this category are delicate and give the environment an air of charming simplicity. You will fall in love with the sticker templates in this category. They are delicate, with colors and details full of charm. Check out the models and be amazed!

Funky: Funky means new, irreverent and without rules! These are the slogans for anyone who wants stickers from that category. Versatile, modern and very irreverent. Surprised!

Natureba: If your style is natureba and your eyes easily enchant with the beauties that nature provides, there are several stickers that absorb the best nature translating it into your decoration. The collection of tree stickers, twigs, flowers, animals represent the majority of the models presented on our site, and are the favorites for people’s taste in general. It will be very easy to find one that pleases you.

Minimalist: Following the trend of the minimalist style, the adhesives of this category are part of the maximum “less is more” in the decoration of environments. They are sober and classic models, but very impressive.

Casual: The casual decor style is for those who are not afraid to express their personality in the decoration of environments. The main purpose of this decoration is to create a simple composition in the environment with focus on the details that make reference to the personality of the resident. The casual wall sticker models follow the modern, fun line and combine with all kinds of environment.

Cult: As the name itself says, “cult” wall stickers refer to the big names in literature, music, or art in general. Have them at home to be part of this universe.

Reserved: The reserved decoration style gives the environment serenity and elegance. The reserved models are for those who want to decorate with discretion and elegance.

Sportsman: Sportsmen are for those who love sports and want to demonstrate their love through the decoration on their walls. The environments that receive this type of decoration become relaxed and very attractive.

Fashionista: Full of colors, details and extravagances is the style of fashionista decoration. These are always inside the fashion world ready to follow any trends. Stickers in this category refer to this fantastic universe.

Patricinha: This category is for those who are not afraid to dare with attitude and much glamor. They are chic models, classic but with a lot of personality.

Perua: Animal prints, fancy prints and very bright are the stickers that follow this category. They are remarkable, exuberant and surprising 1

Eclectic: Eclectic models follow combinations of different types of styles and match them very well. Regardless of your personal taste, these stickers will win you over.

Bold: A daring decoration is one that combines several elements with a lot of personality and irreverence. Models in this category combine boldness and personality. They are for those who are not afraid to dare and surprise in the decoration.

# 5 – Precious Tips That Should Be Taken Into Consideration When Choosing Your Sticker

In addition to an excellent cost-benefit, wall sticker decoration can offer you many advantages. The wall stickers allow the redecoration of any environment without dirt and without breaker. In a few minutes your home is brand new and you are much happier with the repagination of the environment.

Choosing your wall sticker can be a lot of fun, but you need to consider a few factors so that your choice is successful. With a plethora of themes, models and sizes, choosing your sticker needs to follow some criteria that may interfere with your purchase.

How To Choose Adhesive Size

The size of the adhesive is one of the key factors to ensure the successful application of your wall sticker. First, measure the measurements of where the patch should be applied. With these measurements you can check how the adhesive will look after the application and see which size best meets your expectations.

-Why is it important to know the measurements of where the adhesive will be applied?

Knowing the environmental measures is essential for the perfect choice of your wall sticker. If you do not evaluate the available space before you buy the sticker, you can purchase a larger sticker and it will not fit in the environment. The opposite may also occur and the adhesive becomes disproportionately less in the environment, not reaching the object of filling the desired area.

Before buying the adhesive, measure the area that will receive the adhesive leaving a margin of “breath” so that the sticker stands out on the wall. Also evaluate the proportion of the room relative to the adhesive. If the purpose is to highlight the environment, you can position the adhesive in the center of the wall with a smaller proportion in relation to the size of the wall and other decorating items.

Now if your goal is to highlight the sticker, do not be afraid to choose a size that fills the entire wall. You will gain a bold, irreverent decor and the way you have always wanted. 
Wall stickers

Who says Wall Stickers can not occupy the entire wall? Some models are available in larger size and can fill one or more entire walls. Consider only application complexity, since larger adhesives may be more difficult to apply than smaller adhesives for those who do not have much practice. If this is your case, you can opt for a smaller adhesive or ask the help of someone more experienced when applying the sticker to the wall. 
Small and medium stickers

More common and easier to find, the small and medium stickers are cheaper and have simpler application. The dimensions vary widely, although they are restricted to small and medium standards. Small and medium sized stickers take up small spaces in the environment, can be used to give a charming and delicate detail in the decoration, or even in a composition with several stickers. Ideal for those who do not want to dare too much or are experimenting with decorating environments with wall stickers for the first time.

Choosing The Right Place In The Room

From bedroom to living room. From the kitchen to the bathroom. There are no rules when it comes to decorating with wall stickers. All the rooms of a house or office can be personalized and very original decoration with wall stickers. However, it is necessary to pay attention in choosing the ideal place for the adhesive to have the proper attention in the decoration of the environment.

Leave the sticker in a visible or prominent place in a certain environment. You can also use the stickers on the wall prominent, which is usually used to give a prominence in the decoration, on the wall opposite the entrance door of your house, above furniture and tv sets. If your decor includes mirrors, ideally place the stickers on the opposite wall to highlight the product better.

Price X Quality

Nowadays it is possible to find wall stickers of different materials and different prices. However, you need to be aware of the quality of the product you are getting so you do not spend money idly and still damage your wall.

Do not buy cat by hare: Very cheap wall stickers possess questionable quality and can be made with low quality materials. These stickers, in addition to not achieving the desired effect, take off easily and can still damage the paint on your wall.

Always be wary of the quality of the product when you come across the sale of wall stickers at very low prices and ridiculous amounts. The cheap can be expensive when you realize that you bought a product short of the one you wanted and wasted money.

Choose Models That Reflect Your Personality

The decoration of an environment reflects the personality of those who live there. That is why it is very important to choose wall stickers that refer to the personality of the resident and exalting all their originality of the decoration. Do not be afraid to dare if the result is a very modern and innovative decoration. The important thing is that you can, with your decoration, pass on the message that you want and that most closely resembles your personality.

Make your mark on the world, decorate with stickers. Decorating with stickers is a way of telling the world who you are! When you customize an environment with a sticker that carries your strengths and even its most striking features, leave some of yourself in the environment to the people who will attend.

Tell everyone who you are by using the wall decorating artifacts!

Avoid Using Too Many Colors, Especially Strong Colors

Colorful stickers are able to “give life” to any neutral environment, making the decor much more attractive. However, avoiding visual pollution is essential so that the environment does not become overwhelmed and convey the feeling of “weight” in your decoration.

Even on walls with neutral colors you have to be careful in choosing the colors of your sticker. Multicolored stickers can have a very beautiful effect on your decor, but the effect of visual fatigue can also be the result of a poor color combination.

Been in doubt? Read the topic in this guide that contains expert tips for combining colors in the decor.

Use Stickers Sparingly

Making compositions with multiple wall stickers, creating and mixing sizes and motifs can be a great strategy to give more life to your decor and leave it even more personality. However, care must be taken not to fill the wall of wall stickers without observing any criteria, as this will create a conflicting decoration and nothing pleasant.

Just stick to the patterns of the stickers and choose models that talk to each other to form a unique and very creative composition.


Harmony is the key word when it comes to decorating environments with wall stickers. Make compositions, dare to choose the stickers, be creative, but still harmonize the decoration with the stickers taking into account, mainly, his personality.

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