Disguise Droopy Eyes with Makeup Tips to Fix Imperfections

How To Disguise Droopy Eyes, Makeup Tricks And Tips To Fix Imperfections

What women want is to feel perfect, but this is something that occurs in their own opinion, always having something nasty in their appearances, which bother you a lot. Several methods of correction of dissatisfaction were created to meet the imperfections, which not only adhere to the female audience, but all sexes. In this way in recent times plastic surgery is quite popular, but it’s a pretty dangerous act that involves some risks to patients submentem the procedures, getting this method to the bold.

Some cosmetics help improve some unwanted aspects in the body, helping you not resorted to surgery and something that can also help a lot are quick tricks, which usually can be made with some inperfeições of the face and the famous makeup can air it out.

There are various tricks, how to tune the nose, decrease it; face thinning; closing your eyes, drive them away; a larger mouth, decrease it; raise your eyes, decrease them; etc. With a play of light and shadow were able to make several amendments to soften what we don’t like in our face.

Some people have problems with droopy eyes, that’s when the bottom of the eye leans down giving this aspect of droopy eyes.

This can be fixed with a few tricks, if you have droopy eyes follow the step-by-step instructions below:

-When you’re applying eye shadow dark more concave than the outer corner.

– Do not brighten much the inside corner with the shadow, because normally, who has droopy eyes eyes are separated and illuminating that the inside corner will give a bigger sensation of remoteness.

-The rest of the makeup in the corner exteno light just below the line of end of the eye going up until it subtly, this will give impression of lifting of the lower part compensating for the natural eye drape.

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