Discover the Base Is Ideal

For a make perfect is need flawless skin, perfect skin and there’s nothing better than make use of a good base. But it’s important to choose the right Foundation for your skin type, even if there are multiple versions of the basic textures and brands it is important to choose the ideal tone.

Before talking about the base colors for each skin type let’s understand first the basic types available for sale on the market.

Base powder – ideal for carrying in your bag, very practical to be used. Indicated for women who have normal or oily skin.

Stick Base- This type of base is pretty consistent, works almost as a concealer, an excellent choice to give the final touches to make.

Spray Base – this type of product maintains the lightness in make up, and provides uniformity to the skin.

Net basis – the most used among all other versions, the liquid Foundation is easy to apply, spreads easily being used with fingertips or even applied with brush. The liquid Foundation leaves the face wet and fresh. It is ideal for dry or normal.

The basis of Mousse -this type is suitable for oily skin because, nullifies the brightness without leaving the visual heavy.

Compact Base – this basic version has a high coverage, so it’s ideal for people who exhibit stains and marks on her face.

Now that you already know the basic types come on the right tone to enhance your skin type. Meet below what they are.

  1. base colour ideal for white skin

If your skin has a golden hue choose bases with slightly yellowish beige nuances. Already the right white skin should choose a beige base with reflections slightly pink.

  1. color of ideal base for Brunettes and black

For Brunettes and black women ideally play the bases in warm brown tones. The lackluster bronzants can be used as replacements.

  1. ideal base color for Brunettes clear

For Brunettes is best bet on clear bases in beige medium yellowish tint. The Brunettes with a touch of olive from on the skin should choose a medium beige tone with this reflection.

  1. ideal for Eastern base color

The Oriental women should opt for beige colors slightly yellowish bases-they demote the yellow tone of the skin, keeping your cool.

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