Crochet Bikini: the Darling of the Summer!

Eitaaa that is booming in the sands that Brazil are the crochet bikinis!!! I love and always valued the handiwork. Crochet today is a classic seasonless and occasion, because the play brings a nostalgia boho style high leaving! Crochet bikinis are miiiitos charmosinhos, but is a tip for you:guess the Bikini test before entering the sea or in the pool, because some parts, when wet, can reveal more than you expect, and the other, you can dare to mixing the pieces with some accessories of su the preference. The crochet won a highlight and turned hit, giving way to the bikinis, and wrong who think that play out there on the beach, in the ni on no, for being a high piece, she is pumping up in the party looks. The “revival” is connected directly the influence of the years 70, which between you and me, it’s inspiring muitoooooo designers who bring beautiful pieces and let us louquinhas looking for everything.

The crochet bikini – the darling of the summer is even or just a play. BET, cut swimsuits with side vents and intersecting tracks value the body, are super sexy and are good when you want to be beautiful. Let’s face it, the Bikini or swimsuit of crochet is so cute, that little me I love the boho style for sure I’m not going to sit this one out. For those who haven’t seen the triangle top bikini with Thong and the templates in the style “tricks mom” who is the one in the back looks like a bikini, just accentuating the curves and gives the impression of a safety belt of pestle, will see here in this super post that I’ve prepared for you inspire.

Come see the versatility that crochet offers!!! And if you want to increase even more the look bet on accessories, they raise any visual, of course, being used in moderation or not too kkkk, depends on the style of each person!!! And that hint of life: don’t forget the sunscreen, in any season he will protect our skin from UVA and UVB rays, bringing more health for our skin.


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